Once Upon a Time
The Return

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Morning dawns on Storybrooke. August, sleeping in his bed, is suddenly overtaken by a terrible case of Restless Leg Syndrome. He wakes up, grabs his twitching legs and then flops out of bed and onto the floor. He stumbles over to the phone and dials. "Hey, are you there?" he asks. The mysterious recipient of his call apparently answers in the affirmative. "This is taking too long," August goes on. "We need to accelerate the plan."

Next thing you know, he's lurking behind a stack of building materials somewhere in town. "It's almost 9," he says to someone just out of frame. "You all set? You know what to do?" He looks down -- way down -- at the co-conspirator he's summoned for this meeting. It's little Henry Mills and he's thrilled to be embarking on the next phase of Operation Cobra. But he's a little confused: "I don't understand what this has to with getting Emma to believe." August explains that other priorities have "asserted themselves." Henry, despite being almost annoyingly curious most of the time, doesn't push the issue. "Can you handle a little improvisation?" August asks him. "Sure, can you?" Henry asks right back. When they're done with Operation, they can join the Groundlings.

Henry scampers across the street toward Mr. Gold's shop while August heads for the back entrance. Inside, Henry greets Mr. Gold cheerfully. He improvs that he'd like to get Miss Blanchard a gift since she's not a murderer and all. Mr. Gold seems a little charmed by this. While the two are discussing gift options (including a bell that Henry finds shockingly expensive), August sneaks his way into Gold's office. He's not terribly good at being sneaky and clomps around in his heavy boots while perusing the shelves of dusty miscellanea. Mr. Gold and several deaf people two states over hear him. "May I help you?" Gold asks, regarding the intruder with more than a little suspicion. August improvs that he's looking for some maps and didn't realize he'd taken the office entrance. Gold doesn't believe him in the least, but politely directs him toward the shop proper.

Storybrooke General Hospital. Dr. Whale is at Kathryn's bedside when Emma comes in to ask her a few questions. Kathryn remembers being in the car accident, the airbags going off and then waking up in a basement somewhere. She guesses she was drugged, which Dr. Whale confirms. She says she woke up at the edge of town and started walking. Emma asks her if she heard a voice, or remembers a perfume or cologne. It's all a blank. Kathryn has a question of her own, about why everyone thought she was dead. Emma tells her about the heart and the DNA match and Kathryn's resulting "WTF?" face is really awesome. Dr. Whale assures them that they're questioning everyone in the lab to find out who doctored the DNA test. Emma explains that someone was trying to frame Mary Margaret. "Who would do something like that?" Kathryn asks. Dramatic music plays. Emma and Dr. Whale exchange serious looks.

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Once Upon a Time




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