Once Upon a Time
The Return

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Rumpy's Choice

Storybrooke. Mr. Gold breaks into August's room. Even with a cane and a wonky leg, he's quieter than August was. He noses around August's desk and notices a stack of papers next to an old typewriter. On top of this stack is a paperweight that looks like a little donkey. Gold picks this up and considers it for a while before turning his attention to the papers. Oh, looky there! There's a drawing of Rumpy's old knife, complete with the show's iffy spelling of his name. Dun, dun, DUN!

Storybrooke. Sidney's enjoying a nice cuppa at the cafe when Emma drops into the chair opposite him. He looks like he just pooped himself a little. He tries to pretend like he's happy to see her, and happy about how things have turned out for Mary Margaret, but Emma's not in the market for a big pile of crap. She shows him the bug she found. "You fooled me, you spied on me and you reported it all back to that sick, crazy woman." He drops the facade. Emma thinks Regina must be blackmailing Sidney in some way, but then he starts going on about what a good mayor and amazing woman she is. Emma realizes he's actually in love with Regina. She chokes back a little barf nugget and presses on. "Here's the thing: Before you know it, I will have that evidence, and you need to think long and hard. You can either help me and help yourself, or you're gonna go down with her, too." Instead of arresting him or even just bringing him in for questioning, she gets up and leaves him to stew in his lovelorn juices.

Meanwhile, August gets on his motorcycle and sets off for parts unknown. Mr. Gold, waiting in his land boat of a car, follows him.

Fairy Tale Land. Boys play at sword fighting with sticks. The surrounding forest is so green and lush that I expect creepy little Ewoks to start popping up. Rumplestiltskin and Bae walk by. Rumpy encourages his son to go play. "I have some business nearby that would bore you," he says. Bae is all too happy to join the other boys, but they get one look at him and scatter in fear. Rumpy walks toward a hut in the woods while Bae, forlorn, sits by a stream. He's soon joined by Morraine. "Careful, you don't want to be seen with me," he grumps. "I'm dangerous." She says she's not worried. She knows he wouldn't let his father hurt her. If I had a crushed snail for every time I heard that... They talk a little bit about Rumpy stopping the war, which has earned him a lot of credit with Morraine. Bae tells her about wanting to find a way to help his father change back. Morraine thinks for a bit and then says, "Reul Ghorm!" She heard about it from the other soldiers in the trenches. "Reul Ghorm is an ancient being that rules the night -- the original power," she says. Bae gets his hopes up. "Bigger than Papa? Worse than Papa?" he asks. "Bigger than anything," she says.

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Once Upon a Time




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