Once Upon a Time
The Return

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Bae slips down into the vortex, which seals behind him, leaving no trace in the earth. Rumplestiltskin is left lying there, clutching his knife, staring at the spot where his son vanished. It takes a few moments for the reality of it to settle in and then he's scrambling around in the soil, digging with his bare hands. "I'm sorry, Bae, I want to come with you!" He digs and digs, but it's no use. Meanwhile, in Our World, some people are probably pretty confused as to why Frodo just materialized out of nowhere.

Storybrooke. "You were right, Bae," Gold says to August. "You were always right." August looks away. Gold goes on: "I was a coward, and I never should have let you go." Gold tearfully tells August he's spent every waking moment since then looking for him. Gold asks for forgiveness. He breaks down crying. "I'm so sorry, Bae." August resists, but then gives the old man a hug. They cry and hug and I think I got a little fairy dust in my eye or something. They get around to the topic of the knife. August admits he was looking for it. "I thought if you still had it, it would mean that you hadn't changed."

They dig up the knife together. Gold buried it after Emma came to town so that Regina couldn't find it. Gold hands it over for August to destroy. "I found you and I don't need it anymore," he says. "I chose it once -- now I choose you." But August looks strangely awed, and not by Gold's gesture of faith. It's the knife itself that impresses him. He acts like it's the first time he's seen it. Indeed, instead of destroying it, he points it at Gold. "By the power of the Darkness, I command thee, Dark one." Gold frowns at him. "You're trying to control me?" August ignores him. He shouts, "I command thee, Dark One!" If Eion Bailey got through that line without cracking up, my hat is off to him. Gold realizes August isn't his son.

August tries to bluff his way through it, but we've already established his improvisational skills are not that great. "My son would never try to use me," Gold says. Gold also points out that the knife won't work because there's no magic in this world, which doesn't seem to be entirely true, but whatever. He snatches back the knife. August went through the whole deception as a means to make Gold believe he was his son. If he hadn't had to "work for it," as August says, he wouldn't have ignored the obvious. "Do I even look at him at all?" he asks. Actually, yes, you kind of do. But what do I know? I used to recap Smallville, where we were supposed to believe that Jor-El started out looking like Tom Welling and somehow turned into Julian Sands. Anyway, Gold decides that August must be from the other world. He shoves August up against a tree and presses the knife to his throat. "Who told you about me and the knife?" he asks. "A little fairy," August says. Ooh, someone's gonna get their rent doubled now. Gold gets all up in August's face and wonders why he would have taken the risk to get the knife. When August says he's dying, Gold backs off a little. It seems more a reflex born of confusion than mercy. August says he needs magic to cure him. He was going to get the "Savior" to believe, but doesn't think he'll live long enough. Nonetheless, Gold sees an opportunity. He remembers that Emma trusts August. "Try again," he says in quite the scary little whisper. When August is surprised to find himself still alive, Gold explains: "You'll die either way -- this way, I might get something out of it." August slumps down to the ground, and probably not from relief.

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Once Upon a Time




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