Once Upon a Time
The Return

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Fairy Tale Land. Rumplestiltskin stands alone in the forest and bellows for the Blue Fairy. There's no real reason she should answer him, but she shows up anyway so she can give away too much information. He wants to follow his son, but Blue is fresh out of magic beans. He lists off other possibilities: "A realm-jumper? A time tunnel? A mage? A curse?" She's quick to answer in the negative after each one, until he gets to that last. When she hesitates, he knows he's found the answer. She insists it can't be done: "Not without a great price." She says he would have to sacrifice this world, but it's beyond his abilities... for now. But she's given him everything he needs to know, so at least he knows where to start this very long con. "I will do nothing else, I will love nothing else, but I will find a way," he promises. "You took my son, but I will get him back." When she tries to point out that she didn't take his son, he lunges at her with the knife. She flits away while he's still ranting and raving.

Storybrooke. When Emma returns to her office, she finds Regina waiting for her. "Congratulations, Sheriff Swan, there's about to be a big break in your case." Regina's sitting on a desk like it's a piano and she's about to break into torch songs. Emma looks wary. "You just got yourself a confession," Regina goes on. Emma thinks Regina's about to spill the beans (the non-magical, figurative kind) but instead calls Sidney into the room. Sidney slinks over to them from where he'd been waiting in the stairwell. "Tell her what you told me," Regina prompts. "It was me," he says. "I confess." With quavering voice and shifty eyes, he tells Emma that he's the one who abducted Kathryn, planted the evidence against Mary Margaret and then stole Regina's skeleton keys. Regina deadpans about how "personally violated" she feels about that last one. Emma, clearly not believing him, asks why he would do this. He says he was going to play the big hero and get his job back. "The man has obviously suffered some kind of mental break," Regina says with faux sympathy. "He clearly hasn't been himself for a while." Round about 28 years, wouldn't you say?

Furious, Emma summons Regina into the hallway for a private confab. "Well, that's the biggest load of crap I've ever heard," Emma says. Regina: "I'm pretty sure that's not true." Heh. Emma rails at Regina for being behind everything and goes on about Regina setting up the game so nobody else can win. "But," she says, "I am about to start playing an entirely different game." Emma threatens to take Henry away from Regina. "You tried to take away someone I love, and now? I'm gonna take away someone you love." She has genuine reasons for wanting Henry away from Regina, but she doesn't really make her case very well. The little flavor of revenge there makes her sound a little bit crazy herself, frankly. That's where the episode ends, so we don't get to see Regina's reaction. She's probably a little bit amused that Emma would tip her hand like that. Maybe we'll find out next week, when your regular recapper will be back on duty.

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Once Upon a Time




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