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The Right Thing To Do Was Not To Lead Me On
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A big thank you to Tippi Blevins for covering for me, last week. As I mentioned in the recaplet, I was in Disney World over Thanksgiving week -- a first time for our whole family. I've since been exhausted for a week and sick for another. I totally should have asked Tippi to cover this episode, too. Let's get right to it, shall we, so that I don't spend too much time whinging about my Ebola common cold. You ready? Sniff. Okay!

Storybrooke, Maine, Night, Nolan House, Exterior: David Nolan (Prince Charming) and his "wife" Kathryn (Princess Abigail) approach their house. David has just been released from the hospital and Kathryn is throwing a Welcome Home party for him. There's even a personalized, professionally printed "Welcome Home David" banner hanging from their porch. David's face is all: Seriously, Kathryn? As far as we both know, I left you in a huff and promptly fell into a coma for no one exactly knows how long. I have amnesia. You mean even less to me than the total, supposed strangers who rescued me when I went on a post-coma walk-about. I just get released from the hospital, and instead of coming home and trying to get to know each other -- you throw a party full of a whole bunch of other people I can't place? I hope you invited a divorce lawyer. Kathryn just thinks David doesn't like the house, and blathers on about the first time they looked at the house, but since it's seemingly all curse-created memory, I'm loath to spend much time on it. The bottom line is, there "used to be" a windmill replica on the front lawn, and David hated that and the house, which he supposedly once called "old ladyish."

Contrived Celebration, Interior: Kathryn introduces David around the room. Dr. Whale (David Anders) is there. He tells David the party is a good idea as it might trigger his memories. Emma and Henry are sitting out in the hallway on a bench. Henry says the David doesn't remember anything because the curse isn't yet working on him. Emma takes that condescending tone adults take. "Henry, David has amnesia." Henry is sweet, even while he addresses her like the slow, dull child she must seem. "...Which is preventing the curse from replacing his fairy tale story with fake memories." Emma: "Right, because everyone here has fake stories that prevent them from remembering who they really are." Henry: "Right. And now's our chance to help him. We just have to get him to remember he's..." Emma: "He's Prince Charming." Henry: "We just have to jog his memory by getting him and Ms. Blanchard together." Emma: "Didn't we just try that?" Henry: "And it...woke him up." So there!

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