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The Right Thing To Do Was Not To Lead Me On

Anyhow, Rumpy is the help Widmore's been waiting for. Once he's alone with Widmore, Rumpy says, "So this is how you treat my gifts. You really must be more careful." Widmore: "He was not a gift. He was my son." Rumpy: "A son I gave you." Widmore: "In a deal we made. You did me no favors." Rumpy begs to differ, saying his price for the baby was a pittance. Widmore proposes another deal. He wants Rumpy to bring James back to life, and will give him anything in return. There is a magic wand Rumpy desires. "It belongs to a certain fairy godmother who is patron to your family. I want to know her whereabouts." So, is Cinderella part of the King George "Charles Widmore" Charming family? I'm thinking so, because Widmore says, "Done. Now tell me, how do I bring my son back to slay the dragon." Rumpy reminds Widmore that James is dead. "Magic can do much, but no that!" King Charles Widmore says, "Then my kingdom is lost," which makes me snicker, even though I haven't taken any cold meds. Anyhow, there won't be a resurrection, but Rumpy reveals that James has an identical twin. Rumpy is his usual whimsical self in this scene, but I don't find that his lines translate all that well to text.

Farmland, Day: The man who will someday wed Snow White and father Emma, is herding his sheep. We now know he is not James, as James was raised a prince and died before Snow ever ambushed Charming's carriage, so I'm going back to calling him Charming. My friend, Steve, wants to know where the snark is in that, and suggests calling the twins James (who is not James) and James (who is), or something like that, but I'm not sacrificing clarity for snark (which is not snarky...um, no offense, Steve). Besides, look at Charming's fluffy, fluffy hair. It's got me too silly to snark.

Storybrooke, Mary's kitchen: Mary is scouring a plate to death, when Emma arrives home and mentions she saw David sulking away. Mary Margaret finds words hard to come by, but Emma knows what she means and says that since David is still married, Mary did the right thing by sending him away. She tells Mary to stop cleaning and have a drink, then grabs a bottle of MacCutcheon 60 year old Scotch Whisky off the shelf. Even my kids recognize the brand. Once they're having their heart to heart, Emma tells Mary, "Generally speaking, if you think something you want to do is wrong -- it is. So you gotta stay strong, and he has to figure out his life." They raise their glasses and clink.

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