Once Upon a Time
The Shepherd

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The Right Thing To Do Was Not To Lead Me On

Sheriff's Office: Sheriff Graham arrives with a box from the Storybrooke Donut Shop and cracks that some clich├ęs are true. He's just trying to sweeten up Emma, because while he promised her no night shifts, he wants her to work, tonight. He says he volunteers at an animal shelter and someone's out sick, so he has to feed the dogs. Emma inspects the goodies, grabs one as her way of consenting and says, "Good thing you brought a bear claw."

Mary arrives for another heart-to-heart with Emma. Learning David has left his wife for her has her in a tizzy. Mary tells Emma about David's invitation to meet him tonight at the bridge. She doesn't know how to deal with all this. "I mean, I'm trying so hard to be strong, but he just keeps coming. I mean -- how do I stop it? You know, how do I let him down? What would you do?" Emma says, "I'd go!" Mary's all, "What?" Emma: "He left her. It's one thing to say that he wants you, but it's another to make a choice and now he has. That's all you can ask for." Mary: "Given her new friendship with Kathryn, I don't think Regina would be happy." Emma: "All the more reason to do it." Mary smiles. "Good Lord, is this really happening?" Emma: "You tell me."

Granny's Inn: David returns to his room and fondles his wedding ring, as he looks out the window at the clock tower. It's 7:45.

Enchanted Forest, Midas's Kingdom: King Charles Widmore and Charming present Midas with the dragon's head. Midas knows he's promised Widmore gold, but he wants to sweeten the deal. "I stand before you now, because I dared to dream big. I was not just looking for a dragon slayer. I was looking for the strongest warrior in the land -- a hero, someone who could unite the kingdoms. Someone I would be proud to call family." He then presents his daughter Princess Abigail (played by Anastasia Griffith) to them. She's the blonde Charming is/was with when Snow While ambushes his carriage. Abigail is wearing that same blue gown with the ridiculous white feathered neckline. Anyhow, Midas wants Charming to marry Abigail. While she seems intrigued that Charming killed the dragon, and says he will do, she doesn't seemed overwhelmed with him.

Charming tries to refuse Midas's offer, so Widmore pulls him to the side and hisses in his ear. "If you say anything but yes, you will be responsible for the destruction of everyone and everything in our kingdom. You will marry this girl, or I will kill you. I will kill your mother. I will turn that farm to ash. Do you understand me?" Loud and clear, Chuckles.

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