Once Upon a Time
The Stable Boy

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The Unstable Girl

Safe and sound, Snow thanks Regina for saving her life. Regina is truly sweet and concerned about the child. When Snow swears she'll never ride again, Regina tells her that's nonsense. The way to conquer fear is to face it. She must get back on that horse as soon as possible. Regina introduces herself. Snow, enchanted by her beautiful, kind heroine, does likewise and hugs Regina.

Storybrooke, Sheriff's Station. Gold wants Mary Margaret to give a pre-trial interview to the D.A. Emma is wisely against this. Gold persists in arguing that perception is everything. Mary is no killer, and surely the D.A. will see how sweet and kind she is. Giving this interview will engender trust with the jury. They're interrupted by Sidney who brings Emma a vase of tulips. Her superpower clearly still on the fritz, because she accepts Sidney's explanation that he just wants to brighten the place up. Kitsis and Horowitz explain why Emma's been less able to detect lies, lately. It's because she's emotionally invested. I accept their explanation. I just don't like it. It's on YouTube, if you want to see it for yourself.

Alone in her office, Emma asks Sidney if he's found anything on Regina. He hasn't, but says he'll keep looking until he does. By the time Emma returns to Gold and Mary Margaret, Mary has decided she will talk to the D.A. She has nothing to hide. Just then, District Attorney Albert Spencer (played by Alan Dale, who is King George in the Enchanted Forest) enters and praises Mary's decision. Regina is with him, which should be all the clue-sticking Emma and Mary need, to wake up and smell the fetid stench wafting off this interview idea, but no.

In a supply/interview room, Gold and Mary sit on one side of the table. Spencer is across from them. Regina and Emma observe through a window. Mary's answers, at first, are soft, truthful, and reasonable, but because Spencer is Charles Fricking Widmore in another reality (or three), it doesn't take him long to twist Mary's words, hurl scathing accusations and work Mary Margaret into a complete tizzy. Gold plays at his role as counsel well enough and tries to end the interview, but Mary's composure, like Elvis, has left the building. She's soon shouting that of course she wanted Kathryn "gone." The D.A.'s satisfied smirk pales next to Regina's.

Enchanted Forest, Regina's Family Manor. Regina is admiring herself and her lovely blue riding coat, in the mirror. Cora finds her and tells her that her outfit just won't do and then magics her daughter into a beautiful pale blue gown. The king is paying them a visit, to thank Regina for saving Snow White's life. When Daddy Henry leads King Leopold to the women they curtsy. I just had a flashback to practicing curtsying, when I was a kid. No, it's nothing my mother made me do. I was just that kid, okay?

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