Once Upon a Time
The Stable Boy

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The Unstable Girl

Snow finds Regina being fitted for her wedding gown. Of all the breathtaking costumes in this episode, this gown takes it to another level, entirely. When Snow proclaims Regina is the fairest of them all, Regina smiles and thanks the girl, but her voice is dead -- her expression blank. Snow says something about Regina marrying Daniel. When Regina is all, "What?" Snow gushes about how she just knew Cora would let Regina marry Daniel once she realized they were in love. "You have such a wonderful mother. She would do anything for your happiness." Regina looks like she's been punched in the gut. She steps down from a platform and faces the child. "Snow, did you tell her about me and Daniel?" When Snow says she did, Regina says, "But I told you very specifically not to." Snow is near tears as she apologizes and adds, "I just didn't want you to lose your mother, like I lost mine."

Regina turns away and tries to compose herself. When Snow asks if she's mad, Regina's evil queen switch turns on. She changes her expression before she turns back to the girl. Her voice is soft as she says, "No, I'm not mad at all. You were just trying to help me. However, I'm not marrying Daniel. This dress is for your father." When Snow says she thought Regina was in love, Regina lies that she thought so too, but it wasn't real. Daniel was only an infatuation and he's run away. She says love can come in the most unexpected places. She claims she and Leopold have something even more special, because it's not just about the two of them, but about all them. She is going to be Snow's stepmother and claims she couldn't be happier. Cora comes to get Snow and tells her it's time to pack. Snow says they'll both love her father's kingdom. Snow smiles as she leaves the room. Regina's eyes are brimming with tears, but she doesn't cry, probably because she's trying to keep that vein in her forehead from bursting out, wrapping itself around the child's neck and strangling her to death.

Once the woman are alone, Cora compliments Regina on how well she played it, with Snow. When Cora says she's so proud of Regina, a lightbulb goes off over her head. She realizes that her mother engineered the whole thing, right down to Snow's first, dangerous horse ride. Cora denies her involvement, but c'mon. As Regina walks away she says, "I should have let her die on that horse."

Sidebar: So, Regina is simply insane. I mean, her mother is a horrible, evil, controlling, conniving witch, so it makes sense. But Regina knows that! She knows just how her mother is. She knows her mother played little motherless Snow White like a fiddle. She saw Cora rip out Daniel's heart and crush it into dust. And yet? She's got this eternal hatred for a well-meaning mistake made by a little girl who worshipped her. I hope no one expects me to find her sympathetic, from here on out. She's too crazy for that. Were her ire directed at her mother, I could be more understanding, but Regina is just a vengeful fool who doesn't even recognize the true target of her wrath.

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Once Upon a Time




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