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I'm Your Puppet

I'm kind of bummed I covered this episode, because I liked it quite well the first time I watched. Rewatching sort of did me in. Even this recap feels flat to me. I suspect it might be my mood rather than the show, so I'm going to refrain from grading it this week. Emma is crazy right now, but since she knows what Regina did to Mary Margaret, I do understand her urgent need to get that poor little boy out of that house. Still, this is the sheriff. I think she'd be smarter and maybe call another lawyer, one who doesn't use his legal degree to run a pawn shop and trick teen mothers into giving away their babies. I'm pleased that August is Pinocchio, although I get tired of typing Pinocchio (and Geppetto, for that matter). I'm curious to see if Emma will come to believe by the end of the finale. I hope so. I'm not sure I can put up with much more of her willful blindness. If she hadn't had the whole incident with Jefferson (Mad Hatter), I could be more patient with her refusal to believe August's story.

I'll be back soon with coverage of episode 1-21, "An Apple Red As Blood." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page and then come on over to the forum, where there are no strings on me.

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