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Okay, I've seen a lot of people talking about Henry. Has time passed for him? It must have, if he was actually born in our world, which seems to be the case, since Emma remembers having him. Has he aged while the other characters haven't? What is more important to me is to try and figure out if he is Queenie's father, reincarnated. They have the same name. We could write that off to Regina remembering (consciously or subconsciously) her love of her father who she sacrificed for her own happiness, but it seems like a pretty anvilicious clue that this Henry was born in Phoenix. Has he risen from Queenie's Dad's ashes metaphorically, or literally. Right now, I'm inclined to say literally, which... does that make Regina her own grandpa? Or Emma? Or Snow? There's something to chew on for a while. My next paragraph is speculation about the Evil Queen's Enchanted Forest Identity. I'm not spoiled, but pretty sure I'm right, so if you don't want to risk it, we can part ways here. See you Monday morning, with my recaplet of the next installment.

SPECULATION: Now that we're rid of them, let's get to it. I have been biting my tongue to keep from spilling this speculation, since I wrote up the recaplet of the pilot. Since people on the boards are now openly speculating the same thing, I feel free to discuss it. You know who Queenie is, right? I mean, we all know Regina is Queenie, but Queenie's got her own backstory, that reaches further in her history, than just being the villain in Snow White's life. Queenie is the miller's daughter. I'm sure of it. Remember the story Rumplestiltskin? A miller brags, lying that his daughter can spin straw into gold. A king catches wind of this, summons the girl to his castle, locks her up with some straw and a spinning wheel, and orders her to get cracking. The poor girl can't actually spin straw into gold. At her most hopeless moment, Rumplestiltskin appears. He'll do the deed for her, in return for a piece of jewelry. She gladly makes the deal. The next night, she's in the same predicament. She gives Rumpy another piece of jewelry and he again spins the straw into gold. The third night, the girl has nothing left to trade, so Rumpy says he'll still help her, provided that, when she has her first born child, she gives the baby to him. The king marries the girl. When their first child is born, Rumpy returns and demands the miller's daughter/now-queen hand over the baby. When the queen tries to buy him off, he refuses, but he tells her he'll release her from their bargain, if she can guess his name in three days. She fails on the first two days, but on the third, one of her messengers tells her he's found it. It's Rumplestiltskin. Rumpy's ultimate fate depends on what version you read. I do believe in our Once Upon A Time version, his fate was to be locked in the dungeon. Queenie is the miller's daughter. Her daddy is the miller. Now, was that king Snow White's father? Does Queenie blame Snow White for his death, or for the death of her child? I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to find out.

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