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Let My Wrath Be Unleashed
Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming's Wedding: Queenie threatens to destroy the couple's happiness if it's the last thing she does. Charming flings his sword at her. She disappears in a cloud of black smoke. We flash to her castle. The sword arrives and ends up stuck in a wall, before Queenie rematerializes. A guy who seems to be Queenie's butler, but whom we'll later learn is her father, asks her if she wants something to drink. Queenie: "Do I look like I need something to drink?" Pretty much, yeah. Father claims he was only trying to help. Queenie takes the glass of wine (or perhaps blood) and thanks him. Behind her, the Magic Mirror (Giancarlo Esposito) cracks, "Now that was an awfully big threat. Destroy everyone's happiness. How do you plan on accomplishing that?" Queenie smiles. "The Dark Curse." Father and Mirror remind Queenie that she traded that curse away and made a deal that she'd never use it. Like Evil Queens ever stick by their word. Queenie: "Prepare the carriage. I'm going to the Evil Fortress."

Evil Fortress: Maleficent (who is blonde when she never should be blonde, and seriously read the recaplet for more on this) invites Queenie to sit by her fire and proceeds to taunt her about Snow White's happiness. "Weren't you about the same age, when you were to be married, before she ruined it all? Yes, you were." Oh, age digs? Shit just got real. Queenie: "Yes, it was about the same age you were, when that Sleeping Beauty got the best of you, my dear Maleficent." Anyhow, Queenie wants the Dark Curse back. Maleficent (Kristin Bauer) reminds her she traded it away for the Sleeping Curse. Queenie points out that the Sleeping Curse was undone by a mere kiss. Maleficent reminds Queenie that not even the Dark Curse "...can bring your loved one back from the dead. Have you considered a pet? They can be quite comforting." She reaches down and pets a CGI unicorn so ugly that I like it, in spite of myself. There's more back and forth, but Maleficent refuses to hand it over, saying it's hidden for the good of all. "Whoever created that monstrosity makes the two of us look positively... moral. Who did give it to you?"

Queenie loses patience. She wants her curse and she wants it now. She draws fire from the fireplace right into her hand. Maleficent flies to the other side of the room and puts up a magical shield. Queenie, magically moves all the weapons hanging on the walls, until they're floating in mid-air. She then eyes Mal's unicorn. Mal screams, "No," and flies over to put herself and her glass-like shield between her pet and her frenemy. Queenie aims the weapons at the iron chandelier over Mal's head. It falls and encircles her. Thus restrained, Queenie magics Mal into the wall and picks up her fallen staff. The curse is stored in its orb. Mal: "If you're going to kill me, kill me." Queenie pets Mal's staff. "Why would I do that? You're my only friend." What's sad is that she's telling the truth. While Mal argues that using the Dark Curse crosses an uncrossable line, Queenie smashes the orb and retrieves the curse, which is written on a wee scroll. Mal: "All power comes with a price. Enacting it will take a terrible toll. It will leave an emptiness inside you -- a void you will never be able to fill." Queenie glares. "So be it." Commercial.

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