Once Upon a Time
The Thing You Love Most

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Let My Wrath Be Unleashed

The Enchanted Forest, Night: Queenie storms back to her castle, and ignores the Magic Mirror as he follows her from mirror to mirror (nice touch) as she passes through the hall. When she finds her father (who we still don't know is her father) he asks if Rumpy told her what she needed to know. Queenie: "I'm not sure what to say. I'm conflicted." Finally, she reveals she has to cut out the heart of the thing she loves most. Father takes this in before he says, "Me." Queenie closes her eyes for a moment, before turning to him. "Daddy, I don't know what to do." There, that's the reveal I spoiled for you at the beginning, but I didn't have the patience to refer to him as the butler the whole time, and I guessed he was her father, right away.

Daddy pleads with Queenie, saying she doesn't have to do this. He reminds her she can move past this. She doesn't have to activate the curse. Queenie can't keep living like this. This. This. This. This. This. Queenie: "What Snow did to me, what she took from me -- it's eating me alive, Daddy. Her very existence mocks me. She must be punished." Echoing Maleficent's earlier sentiment, Daddy asks why she'd do it, if the price is a hole that can never be filled. I guess we know why Our World's Regina can't love Henry; it's because of that damned hole. Daddy encourages her to start over. "We can have a new life." Queenie: "What kind of life? All I've worked for, all I've built will be gone. My power will disappear. They already think I'm nothing." Daddy: "Power is seductive, but so is love..." Ew. I mean yes, but when you're the parent, trying to convince your child not to rip out your heart and sacrifice it in the darkest Dark Curse, maybe don't use the word "seductive" while comparing power and love, m'kay, 'cause you just made my skin crawl. Shudder. Let's start a new paragraph.

Daddy tells his daughter she can have love again. She comes close to him and he takes her in his arms. When she says she just wants to be happy, Daddy assures her she can be, again -- that they can find happiness together. My skin crawls some more. "But the choice is yours." Tears spill down Queenie's cheek. She pulls back from her father and smiles at him. "I think you're right. I can be happy." Relieved, Daddy sighs. Then Queenie adds, "Just not here. She plunges a dagger into him (or possibly rips out his heart with her bare hands -- I keep missing the dagger). Daddy falls to the floor. Queenie gasps softly, then says, "I'm sorry." Oh well then, all better, Daddy?

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Once Upon a Time




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