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Welcome back, Princes and Princesses. Let's get right to it. We open in Storybrooke. Gold (I don't feel like calling him "Rumpy" this week) uses his cane to tap on Snow's door. Emma answers. She's bundled up in a scarf made of way more fabric than was used to make her jeans, and ready to search for Gold's son, Baelfire, who just has to be Neal, right? Gold is less than receptive to Henry tagging along on the trip, but since Cora is in town, Emma refuses to leave the boy behind. When Charming talks to Gold about Emma and Henry, Gold laughs off what he expects is a coming lame threat. He's startled and touched when Charming clarifies; he's not making a threat, but rather a loving father's heartfelt request. Gold promises no harm will come to Charming's family. "After all, we have a deal." Since Rumpy's claim to fame is being picky about the wording of a deal, I'm a little surprised he's invoking their "non-interference" agreement, but that's just me.

We cut to Gold, Emma and Henry. They're on the road out of Storybrooke and off to Boston's Logan International Airport. I should try to meet them for tea or something. I'll let you know how that works out. I don't expect it'll be all fun and games because someone has to give these two chuckleheads the business about child safety. Notice they have their seat belts on, but little Henry is just leaning over the seat as he talks their ears off, like it's 1975 or something. Sheeesh. Safety first, you lunatics. Emma wonders if the shawl will keep Gold from losing his memory when the cross the town line. Gold says, "Well, if it doesn't, and I revert to my cursed-self, we're all going to have some problems." Really? Of what kind? Once upon a time, he was the Dark One -- the most powerful being in all the realms. Today, he's a limping, miserly landlord. Run away run away! Anyhow, the shawl works, which we know because of the magic that washes over Gold and which Emma and Henry know because he says, "My name is Rumple[sic]skin. And we're going to find my son." Title card.

When Snow and Charming are on their way out to join the dwarfs on Cora watch, they find Regina just about to knock on their door. Regina starts to explain that she didn't kill Archie, but the two idiots interrupt her and tell her Archie isn't dead, and she was framed. Regina feigns shock upon hearing the news that Cora is in town. When Snow apologizes for falling for the frame-job, Regina accepts it and then says if Cora is in town, she needs to protect Henry. Upon learning Emma has taken Henry out of town with Gold, she's a little put off that no one told her. Snow: "We didn't know where you were, and to be honest, Regina, I don't think Emma has to run anything by you." Regina sneers. "No, I suppose she doesn't." Once she's gone, Snow grabs her bow and quiver and she and Charming head out.

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Once Upon a Time




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