Once Upon a Time

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You Don't Know Jack

Enchanted Past. CGIsland. While Anton is raiding the treasure room to help his friends, Olaf finds him and asks where he's been. He's alarmed when Anton says he went to the human world, but Anton insists he met friends there. Oh, the poor noodle. What is it about Jorge Garcia that he imbues his characters with so much vulnerability and likability. Talent, you say? Okay, my question was stupid. I'll get back to the story. When Anton talks about his friends who really like him and that he's planning on returning for good, Olaf tries to talk some sense into little brother. Anton won't listen, but he and Olaf cannot ignore the sentry birds that signals interlopers have breached CGIsland. As Olaf chides Anton for telling the humans he was coming there and showing them the beanstalk, we flash forward to...

Storybrooke. Anton is tearing up the town with such gusto that somewhere, the Chintz Monster is burying his head under a ream of scattered papers and drowning in shame. Snow and Charming get their first look at Anton and order the townsfolk to take refuge in town hall. Charming goes after Anton and explains that he didn't hurt Anton. It was his twin brother, James, from whom he was separated at birth. While Snow hangs back and looks on, she is joined by Grumpy. Anton wants to know where James is, so Charming explains he died. Snow runs up and says they're on his side. "We're good. We're here because of you. You know our daughter, Emma. You gave her the magic compass." Anton asks to talk to Emma. "If she says you're okay, then I'll stop." He's doesn't believe Snow when she says Emma is out of town, because in his eyes, all humans do is lie, cheat and kill and he is sick of it. I feel ya, brother. We flash back to...

Enchanted Past. CGIsland. Olaf and Anton are outside when Jack and James climb up the beanstalk and make the impossible trip to solid ground. When Olaf is ready to attack them, Anton stops and says they're his friends. Turning to Jack and James, he shows them the sack of treasure he's gathered for them. James, in his best evil twin manner, says they're not there for treasure. They're there for the beans -- all of them. Poor Anton is all, "But...you're my friends..." Drawing her sword, Jack smirks as she approaches her prey. "No, we're not." Can we get to the part where she dies, now? She demands to be taken to the beans. Olaf refuses. James draws his sword and says a fight they shall have. Bastard. No wonder your parents sold you to Rumpy. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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