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True North

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It's What's For Dinner

Clark snuffles that he called the number the kids gave him, but it was disconnected. Ava: "Our parents couldn't pay the bill." Emma then takes a look at how many household items are among the shoplifted goods. "You guys were just trying to help out, huh?" Ava nods and begs Emma not to arrest them. "It will just make things worse for our parents."

Enchanted Forest: Similarly, Gretel begs Queenie's pardon. Queenie looks fierce here, by the way. She's wearing a jaunty black hat, over her deliciously big, full hair that is pulled to one side. She also wears a black leather caplet over what I can only describe as 2/3rds of a gown. The bodice and skirt are purple and black, and the skirt is quite full, but it only covers her sides and rear. Don't get too excited though, she's wearing black pants underneath. Well, go ahead and get excited if you want -- they are black leather pants. Evil dresses to impress.

Queenie talks quietly to the children, but can't quite hide the sneer in her voice. "Two helpless children, lost and alone -- a family torn asunder. Such a sad and moving story." She turns from them. "Guards. Seize them!" Gretel orders Hansel to run, and uses her slingshot to fend off the guards, long enough to give her a chance to run, too. As they get into the woods, they run into a black puff of smoke. Queenie materializes. "Muahaha. Running from me is foolish." She cackles as she casts a spell that causes tree roots to rise up and grab the children by their legs. She proclaims the children both foolish and brave. She says she will find their father, and they are going to do something to her. This must be the most glorious role to play, and Ms. Parrilla really makes it sing.

Storybrooke: Emma drives up to a house and asks the kids if it's the right one. Ava begs her not to bring them to the door, claiming her parents would be mortified. Emma tells them about her super power (lie detection) and asks if, money problems aside, everything is okay at home. Ava lies that it's great. Emma acts like she believes her. When the kids climb the stairs to the house which is clearly not theirs, Emma drives off. The kids wait 'til she's gone and then run through yards and climb fences. Finally, they enter the basement of a dilapidated, boarded up house. They have all the stolen goods from the pharmacy, but they're in white, plastic bags. That old softie Emma must have paid for them. When they hear a noise the children go upstairs to find Emma waiting. "Why'd you guys lie to me? Where are your parents?" Ava: "We don't have any." Commercial.

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