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Enchanted Forest: Queenie leads Hansel and Gretel to the house of the Blind Witch (Emma Caulfield) and tells them to sneak in, after dark, find a black leather satchel, and bring it to her. Gretel asks why Queenie can't do it, herself. Queenie: "The house is protected by magic. I can't enter, but luckily, the spell doesn't work on children." Gretel asks Queenie if she will, in turn, find their father. Queenie: "Oh, indeed I will." She warns them though that the witch's house is unique, and that they must not eat anything while they're inside. Commercial.

Storybrooke: Henry arrives at Emma's office with his Once Upon A Time book and points out that Zimmer twins are Hansel and Gretel. All he knows about their father is that he abandoned them. Emma cracks that he could be in Laos, by now. Henry insists the father must still be in town. "No one leaves Storybrooke. No one comes here. It's just the way it is." When Emma points out that she came there, Henry reminds her why. "That's because you're special. You're the first stranger here, ever."

Henry sits up on Emma's desk and asks if she can tell him about his father. "I told you about your parents. Now, you're even living with your mom." Emma starts to remind him Mary Margaret isn't her mom, but stops herself. When he asks again, Emma finally tells him that she had just gotten out of the foster system, and got a job waitressing at a 24 hour diner. Henry's dad was training to be a fire fighter. He'd come in every night. He always complained they didn't sell pumpkin pie, but he always came back the next night. Henry: "Did you get married?" Emma says it was nothing like that. "We just hung out a few times outside of work. And then life happened. His got better. Mine got worse. Got into some trouble." Henry: "You went to jail." Emma says that before she went to jail, she found out she was pregnant. She tried to contact his father but couldn't. "I found out that he died saving a family from a burning apartment building. So, while you think I'm the savior, Henry, he was. Your father was a real hero." Henry asks if she has any mementos of his father. She does not. It's then, though, that she gets an idea on how to locate the twins' dad.

Sidebar: Quite a few people in the forums are speculating as to whether or not Henry's father could be Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. That was the first thought that entered my mind when Emma mentioned the pumpkin pie detail. Just thought I'd mention.

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