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It's What's For Dinner

Mary Margaret's Hovel: Emma comes home and shows the kids her baby blanket, explaining that it's the only thing she has from her parents. Most of the kids she grew up with in the system held onto mementos from their family. Ava: "I might have something, but if I give it to you, you'll make sure we stay together, right?" When Emma agrees, Ava hands over the compass, and asks if Emma ever found her own parents. Emma: "Not yet, but I'm going to find yours." Emma's lines are written (and delivered) just right in this scene. She chooses her words to show the children that she considers herself a kindred spirit. Both this scene, and the one prior, with Henry, helped win me over to this episode (which, where the Enchanted Forest story is concerned, just wasn't my cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon). All the emotions ring true, this week, especially in Storybrooke.

Enchanted Forest: As the children are breaking into the Blind Witch's gingerbread house, Hansel swipes a finger full of frosting. He raises it to his mouth, but Gretel, remembering Queenie's warning, swats his hand down and mouths, "No," at him. They sneak inside to find a cottage is so filled with treats, any person would be tempted, especially Hansel, the dim. They try to confirm that the witch is sleeping and Gretel reminds her brother not to take even a lick of anything, then goes to the hearth and swipes the satchel. Hansel, being too dumb to live, swipes a cupcake. The moment he takes a bite, the witch awakens. Taking a deep breath, she rises. Between her and her fireplace are a pile of bones and skulls. Hansel and Gretel try to run out, but the door and windows magically lock. The witch sighs with delight. "I smell dinner."

Storybrooke: Emma visits Mr. Gold at his shop. He tries to charm her, but she's not having any and gets right to the point. She's looking for information on the compass. Gold goes on and on about it, and then reveals the compass was purchased at his shop. My word processing program informs me that "purchased" is too complex and I should simplify, but I have faith in you, Gentle Readers. I think even Hansel the dim can suss out purchased.

Emma asks if Gold remembers who bought it. He says that while he is good with names, he can't remember. He says he keeps extensive records though, and pulls an index card from a card catalogue. He holds it before Emma as though it were bait. Emma: "What's your price?" Mr. Gold smiles. "Forgiveness." Emma eyes him. "How about tolerance?" Gold says that's a start and consults the index card. He tells her the compass was purchased by a Mr. Michael Tillman. "Just a name, but I generally find that's all one needs. Good luck with your investigation." When Emma leaves the shop, the camera pans down to the index card. It's completely blank!

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