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It's What's For Dinner

Garage: Tillman, a mechanic, is at work in his garage when Emma finds him and hands him information about and pictures of Ava and Nick. He says their mother Dorrie was just a one night stand. They met while camping. He says it's impossible. He can't have twins. Emma insists he does and informs him they're going to be shipped off to group homes in Boston, unless he takes responsibility for these kids who have been living alone since their mother died. He says he can barely manage his garage. He can't take on two kids. He asks Emma why she's so sure they're his. Emma: "Besides the timing?" She holds out the compass. "Have you ever seen this." Emma tells him she knows this is a lot, and shares her journey with Henry.

Michael says he heard about her situation with the Mayor's kid, but staying in town is different from taking Henry in. Emma's voice rises. "I don't have my kid, because I don't have a choice. You do. Those kids did not ask to be brought into this world. You brought them into this world. [...] If you choose not to take them, you are going to have to answer for that every day of your life." This is important, I think. Until now, Emma has mostly claimed she is staying in town to make sure Henry is okay. Now, she is publicly acknowledging that if she could, she would have Henry. She adds that eventually, they will find him, and he will have to answer right to them. Tillman seems moved, but not swayed. He hands the compass back and claims that he doesn't know anything about being a dad, and can't give them a good home.

Emma calls Mary Margaret and asks her to meet her outside, where she explains that Tillman doesn't want the kids. Mary tells Emma she has to tell the kids. Emma can't make herself admit that the hope she gave them was false. Mary says the truth, while painful, can be cathartic and points out that Henry took the news great about his biological dad. Emma scowls. "I didn't tell him the truth. Henry's father was no hero, and trust me, he does not need to know the real story." Yeah, because he (already) had a wife, couldn't keep her, put her in a pumpkin shell and then went out and hooked up with 18-year-old waitresses. Just sayin'... Emma proposes hiding the kids 'til they find a family who will take them in. Mary points out the absurdity of that. Of course it's then that Mayor Mills shows up and reminds Emma that the Zimmer twins are supposed to be in Boston, "Tonight."

Enchanted Forest, Blind Witch's House: Hansel and Gretel are now locked in a cage. They watch as the witch prepares her oven. She then reaches in the cage and grabs Hansel's arms. "Yes, what a nice, tender succulent roast you'll make." Caulfield is truly creepy, here. When the witch returns to her prep work, Gretel tells Hansel that when the witch takes him out of the cage, he should steal the cage key and toss it to her. Hansel wimps out. The witch returns to the cage bars and asks, "Gravy or butter? What shall it be?" She reaches for Hansel, but Gretel puffs up her cheeks so as to fools the blind witch, even though I think her face is chubbier than her brother's face, to begin with. Anyhow, Gretel takes Hansel's place. When she's out of the cage and on the way to the oven, she tosses Hansel the key. He lets himself out, and runs up the stairs to grab a staff off the landing, but trips on his way back down. The witch turns to him. "Gravy or butter? Gravy or BUTTER?" She throws Gretel to the floor near Hansel. "How shall I baste you?" Chilling -- at least until I start thinking, "Who bastes with gravy?"

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