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It's What's For Dinner

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because I covered the Enchanted Forest story in too much detail in the recaplet, so I'm largely plagiarizing from myself, here. No sense reinventing the wheel. Hansel gets to his feet and swings the staff at the witch, but she magics it out of his hand and back to its spot on the landing. The witch grabs Hansel and settles on butter. Gretel follows them. The children manage to grab the witch, throw her into the oven, lock it and run out of the house. They have no trouble unlocking the door, so it seems weird they didn't try to unlock it the first time. And hey, wait. The witch was able to magically lock her doors and windows, and magically take the staff from Hansel's hand and send it flying back up the stairs, but she can't magically open her oven lock? That makes little sense. She can either use her power on locks, or she can't. If you need her to be locked in an oven, then she can't use her power on locks and you need to come up with another way to trap the children in the house. If she can use her power on locks, then Queenie should have done what comes next, as soon as Hansel and Gretel shut in the witch. (I mean, the witch is blind, I can accept it might take her a moment to get out of the oven.)

Back in her castle, Queenie watches all this through a magic mirror. She throws a fireball at the mirror, it travels through it, into a mirror in the witch's house and straight into the oven. The witch screams. Queenie smiles. "I would have gone with gravy." Great line delivery, but you make the gravy after the meat is cooked. Ugh. Okay. I'll let this go. (What? They couldn't have written drippings?)

Queen's Castle: When Hansel and Gretel arrive at the castle, Gretel confirms they were successful, but were almost made into dinner. Queenie says, "How barbaric," and then demands her satchel. She tells Gretel she has a strong heart and that she reminds her a lot of herself at that age. Were I Gretel, I'd sue for defamation of character. When the Queen removes her treasured item from the satchel, he cannot believe they went through all that for an apple. Queenie says, "This is not just an apple. It's a weapon -- a weapon for a very particular and devious enemy. One who is still under the illusion... that she's safe." Gretel reminds Queenie that they did what she asked, so now she must find their father, as promised. Oh Gretel, you need to take Finer Points of the Deal, 101 from Rumpy. Queenie: "Of course -- to reunite your family, so you can live happily ever after. You were left alone in the woods. You deserve better than a father who would abandon you." Gretel chokes back the tears. "But he's all we have."

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