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It's What's For Dinner

Queenie proposes that they could have more. She is impressed with the children. "You aren't the first boy or girl that I've sent into that sticky sweet house, but you are the first to emerge." Oh so evil. Gretel, for heaven's sake, remember the pile of bones! Child-sized bones. Queenie invites them to live in the castle with her. Hansel, still too dumb to live, looks mighty tempted, but when Gretel tells the queen she knows their father wouldn't leave them and says they'd never want to live with someone as terrible as Queenie, even if he did, Hansel agrees with his sister. Gretel says they'll find Dad with or without the Queen's help. Queenie is outraged. She casts a spell on the children. Smoke envelops and swirls around them. We cut to...

Storybrooke, Night: Regina and Henry watch from a distance as Emma encourages the Zimmer twins to get in her cruiser. She starts to tell them it's going to be okay, but she can't make herself finish the lie. Instead, she returns the compass to Ava and tells the kids she's sorry, but they have to go. Regina smiles when Emma slams the car door out of frustration. "Let's go, Henry." He breaks free from her arm and runs to Emma. He pleads with her not to take them, saying they can't leave Storybrooke. "Something bad will happen." Emma looks at her boy. "Something bad has already happened." Henry watches in concern as Emma and the Zimmer twins drive away. Regina watches in delight. Commercial.

Ava and Nicholas look at each other, as Emma observes them from the rearview mirror. Soon the car starts bucking. Emma pulls it over to the side of the road. "You've got to be kidding me." Ava asks what's wrong. Emma says the engine stalled and makes a phone call. Ava: "Who are you calling?" Emma: "Help."

Queenie's Castle: With her magic mirror, Queenie watches Snow White (still in her highwayman regalia) walk through the forest with her new companions, and sneers. "Now she's cavorting with dwarves? When did that happen?" When her guard announces the requested prisoner is there, Queenie shuts off the mirror with a waggle of her fingers and says, "Bring him in." It is the Woodcutter. He pleads with her to release him, noting that his children are in the forest from which she took him. They're alone and could be in great danger. Queenie saunters up to him. "I know all about your children. That compass you gave sweet, little Gretel. Well, it didn't help them find you, did it?" The Woodcutter demands to know where they are. Queenie says, "Gone. I told them you abandoned them, leaving nothing but a compass to find their way." She notes, though, that she's not there to answer his questions. "You're here to answer mine. I offered your children everything -- whatever their hearts desired, and they still chose uncertainty, because of their blind faith in you. Tell me why, hmmm? Why did your children refuse me?" The Woodcutter says, "Because we're a family, and family always finds one another. Regina looks perplexed and hurt. I think she had a hole in heart, long before she ripped out her daddy's. She orders her guard to release the Woodcutter. "You can all be together -- as a family -- as soon as you can find one other." Cut to the forest. Hansel and Gretel awaken on the ground. Getting to their feet, Gretel can't believe the Queen let them go. Hansel is scared, but Greta takes out the compass, and tells him everything will be fine. They hold hands as the camera zooms out, above the wandering children.

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