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True North

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It's What's For Dinner

Storybrooke: Emma is outside the cruiser, leaning against it. Inside, Gretel notices her compass going crazy. She shows it to Nicholas. Just as the compass needles settles on a point right behind the kids, a truck from Franklin's Towing and Salvage arrives from that direction. It's driven by Michael Tillman. Getting out of the truck, he sees the children through the rear window. "Those are them?" Emma says they are. "And the car? It's fine?" Emma says she just wanted him to see the kids, once. She then explains that she didn't think she could get involved with Henry, either. She'd given him up for adoption to give him a better life. "When I saw he didn't have it, I couldn't leave. And I was just as scared -- more, probably. But once I saw him, got to know him, I couldn't go back." Michael is staring at his children the whole while. Finally, he walks to the back of the car. He turns and asks Emma if she's taking them to Boston. Emma: "I don't have to." He looks back to the children, then turns to Emma. "No. You don't." When he walks over to the rear door, Ava rolls down the window. Michael kneels down so he's eye level with his children. Emma cries.

Mary Margaret's Hovel: When Emma gets home, she finds Mary folding laundry. She tells her that Michael changed his mind. Emma wonders what it would be like to find her parents. Mary encourages her to not to give up. Emma says, "If they wanted to know me, they wouldn't have made it so hard to look." Mary suggests there might be an explanation Emma hasn't considered. Emma says if so, then it's got to be even crazier than Henry's theory. Mary asks what that is. Emma: "Well, my parents put me in a magical wardrobe and sent me to this world to save them." Mary is charmed. "Who does he think they are?" Emma: "Well, you [...] well, Snow White." Mary: "Snow White has a kid?" Emma: "Well, apparently that book you gave him -- not exactly the stories in the most traditional sense." Mary: "I have a kid. You think I'd remember that." Emma: "Yeah, you'd think."

Mary's expression and voice are playful as she takes a good look at Emma. "Well, you do kind of have my chin." Emma excuses herself to go get some air. Mary asks if she should wait on dinner. Emma tells her not to. Before Emma is out the door, Mary spies Emma's baby blanket. When she remarks on how pretty it is, Emma just says, "Thanks. Goodnight." Once Mary is alone, she picks up the blanket for a closer look. She sees Emma's name stitched on it, presses it to her face and inhales. For a second, it looks like she is about to remember. She shakes it off, puts the blanket down and walks away.

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