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Previously, on Once Upon A Time, the curse is broken. Rumplestiltskin (sic Sic SIC!) brings magic to town, but the Storybrookers are not transported back to their world. Rumpy summons a wraith a.k.a. the Chintz Monster, who not only blows out all the lights in town (except for when he doesn't) but also doubles down and besieges our heroes by...blowing paper through the streets. There are touching reunions, which are necessarily brief because the Charming family can't allow this wraith to waste paper like that, even though they're in Maine. Also, they've promised Henry that they won't let Chintzy suck out Regina's soul, like she has one, or something.

Emma jump-starts Regina's magic, enabling her to use Jefferson's hat to open a portal to their old, enchanted world, the one Regina totally swears no longer exists -- so we know it does. The good guys chase the wraith into the portal. The wraith grabs Emma and drags her in after him. Snow White won't lose her daughter again, so she jumps in after them. Charming follows suit, but the portal closes and he plants his pretty face right on the floor, which still has me cackling days later.

In the Enchanted Forest...wait. I need a new name for it. I mean Charming uses the term "Enchanted Forest" a lot this week, but it's clearly its own reality, full of lots of kingdoms and such and they're not all forests. Lots of people refer to it as Fairy Tale Land, but that leads to the abbreviation FTL, and I watched Battlestar Galactica, so when I read FTL, I think someone is about to spool up the FTL drives in preparation for a jump. Let's call it L'enchantement. Yeah. I like that. So anyhow, back in L'enchantement, Mulan and Aurora find Emma and Snow White, lying under a pile of rubble, created when the Charmings shooed Chintzy into Jefferson's hat. Mulan concludes that our girls are responsible for bringing Chintzy to town and killing Prince Phillip.

Currently, on Once Upon A Time, we open during the day at the town line. Grumpy spray paints an orange line across the road. They must investigate what happens if someone crosses the line. His fellow dwarfs, who are the Royal Guard loyal to Snow White, are...well, frankly they're chicken. Grumpy, clearly the drill sergeant, barks that they must prove themselves to their Prince (Charming). Sneezy draws the short straw. When he hesitates to cross, Grumpy gives him a little nudge. Is it too early for a quick family anecdote? My Dad, one of four boys, was an identical twin. They grew up in a second floor apartment. When they were little, his twin would refuse to go down the stairs -- to go out and play. As my Nana told the story, she'd hear Dad tell his brother to go down. My uncle would refuse. The next thing she'd hear is thumpity thump thump bump, then the front door slamming. Sometimes, you need a little nudge, is what I'm saying. Once Sneezy is across the line, he's surrounded by magic. It pulses all over him. His brothers yell to him, but he can't answer over the title card.

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