Once Upon a Time
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Live Together. Die Alone.

Charming: "Because that David reminds me not only of whom I lost, but of who I want to be. My weaknesses and my strengths." Okay, that resonates with me a little more personally than I'm going to share. Ouch. He continues. He is, "David and the Prince. I am both. Just like you. You are both. The town is both. We are both. Stay here and every choice is open to you. Live in the woods if you want to. Hell, live in a shoe if you want." The crowd chuckles. "Or eat frozen burritos and write software." Um, no, I didn't make that up. "Let's open Granny's. The school. And get back to work. I will protect you. She won't be able to hurt any of us, not as long as I'm alive -- not as long as we all come together, as we did before -- as we shall do again." The crowd is silent for a moment and then Jiminy nods. The crowd mutters agreeably. Geppetto tips his hat to Charming. Blue smiles. She was gonna leave town, too? Seriously? Anyhow, as the townspeople get back in their vehicles, Red looks up at Charming and smiles. Commercial.

L'enchantement, day. Knifingham Palace looms behind her as Regina rides out of Leopold's kingdom. She meets Rumpy on the road and returns the grimoire to him. She doesn't want it, but Rumpy does a little digging and gets Regina to admit that she doesn't want to use magic again because she loves it. Rumpy coos that she has discovered who she is. He convinces her she can do so much now, if only she'll let him show her how. Yes, he sing-song rhymes that, too. In return, someday she'll do him a solid. He asks to guide her on this journey. Regina wants reassurance that she won't become like her mother, so Rumpy chirrups, "That, dearie, is entirely up to you." Don't believe him, Reggie!

Storybrooke. Mayoral Manse. I went way long in the recaplet, so please allow me to plagiarize myself here and there. Thank you. You're too kind. Charming arrives at Regina's, his sword drawn -- well, a sword. I'll have to watch the finale and see if Emma brought his sword back, after she got the true love egg out of Dragon Maleficent. Anyhow, he demands that the Queen return his grandson, and vows to fight any evil she conjures. Regina says that's not necessary. She summons Henry and admits she can't force or magic him into loving her. She knows holding on too tightly isn't going to make him love her and earworms me with 38 Special. She apologizes for lying to him. She wants him there only because he wants to be there -- and not as a result of force or magic. She wants to redeem herself in his eyes and tells him he is free to leave with Gramps. Charming tells her to prove her aim is true by answering one question. "Does it exist? [...] The Enchanted Forest. Our land. Does it still exist?" Regina steps toward her nemesis and, eyes shiny with tears answers, "Yes." Oh, the truth. I'm surprised her lips didn't fall off. Then she adds, "But I have no idea how to get back there." Is that also the truth? Who can say? Regina looks at the wordless Charming. "I can see I just launched you on a heroic quest. Just also make sure you take care of my son." Charming nods. "That I can do." He and Henry leave, sword and backpack slung over their respective right shoulders.

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Once Upon a Time




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