Once Upon a Time
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Live Together. Die Alone.

Downtown Storybrooke is a mess of paper, overturned cars, downed telephone poles and the like. After Red puts the "closed" sign in front of Granny's Diner, we cut to August's (Pinocchio's) room. He's fully wooden now, but manages to blink his blue eyes. Over on the town common, Geppetto (Marco) pins up a missing poster, containing a sketch of his son -- the little boy he remembers. Red and Jiminy (Dr. Hopper) take charge, instructing people where to go if they're looking for family members, or are in need of counseling, or temporary shelter. There doesn't appear to be a triage booth for papers cuts, though. The Blue Fairy (Mother Superior Boobs, henceforth known as Blue) worries that everyone is in a panic. I don't want to knock Red, because overall, she's pretty competent, but her response amounts to a reminder that they just need people to stay calm, which...duh, I'm pretty sure that was Blue's point in mentioning the panic. Red is confident, because she just knows their Prince must be working on a solution, right now.

Mayoral Manse. Regina opens the door to Charming's insistent bangs. He stalks in without an invitation, and demands to know about August's hat. Regina changes the subject and notes her surprise that Charming isn't accompanied by an armed Guard. Charming: "Don't need 'em. We both know if you step outside, there's a line a mile long for your head." Regina sneers at the idea that anyone would risk coming at her. Charming isn't just a pretty face. He's a decent strategic thinker. "Take your chances, then. I think that little wallpaper trick was an anomaly. If you had your abilities back, this town would be charcoal by now. You're having problems with magic, aren't you? Right now, the only thing keeping you alive is that Henry wishes it." He turns the conversation back to the hat. Regina lies that she's long since forgotten where she got it, and tells him he ought to be worried about taking care of her son. When Charming snarks that she sure took great care of the boy, Regina says, "I will not listen to childcare lectures from a man who put his daughter in a box and shipped her to Maine." Hee.

Charming cuts to the chase. There's magic in town now. There must be a way for him to follow his family. Regina maintains that Snow and Emma followed the wraith into oblivion. There's some more verbal volleying, until Regina warns him that while she currently has neither magic nor her son, when she gets one, she'll get the other -- and our Prince will not want to be around when that happens. Charming: "If you have to use magic to keep your son, you don't really have him." Regina watches him leave, frustrated, because part of her knows he's right. And...

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Once Upon a Time




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