Once Upon a Time
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Live Together. Die Alone.

Storybrooke Common. Charming arrives on the chaotic scene. He finds Henry poring over his book, and asks where Blue is. They're interrupted by Red wondering where Rumpy is. Jiminy asks if Regina still has power, and Geppetto is looking for his son. Charming tries to hurry off, but he's stopped by Dr. Whale. "Let me ask you something. Are the nuns still nuns, or can they, you know... date?" Heh. Charming shakes all this off and calls out to Blue. He asks if there could be a tree on this side, considering how they sent Emma through as a baby. Blue says without fairy dust to guide them, finding such a thing would be hopeless. Henry reminds the adults that in the book everything looks worse just before it gets better. On cue, Grumpy leads his brothers to the center of action, shouting, "Terrible news! Terrible news!" Grumpy shows them that Sneezy now only thinks he's Tom Clark, town pharmacist. If you cross the town border, you lose all memory of your original life. Jiminy: "And coming back doesn't fix it?" Grumpy: "If it did, would I have come in yelling, 'Terrible news'? If we leave, our cursed selves become our only selves." As the crowd takes this in, we cut to commercial. I can't help but wonder -- if the curse is truly broken, then what magic is keeping them from returning to L'enchantement, and what's erasing their memories when they leave town?

After the break, the town continues to freak. Charming makes his way through the crowd but they follow him, so he tells them to meet him back in front of Town Hall in two hours, when he'll tell them his plan to fix everything. When only Charming and Henry remain, Red asks what the plan is. Charming: "I don't know, but I've got two hours to figure it out."

Mayoral Mansion. Regina tries to light a candle with her mind, but has only a flicker of success. When she storms out of her house, she's confronted by Jiminy, who asks if she might like to talk. She's in no mood for Mr. Conscience, but Jiminy persists. He knows she must have a lot of pain and thinks it might help to talk. It might help her discover who she truly is. Regina leans in. Her voice is low, but stern. "I know who I am." And with that, we flash back to...

L'enchantement. Night. Inside Knifingham Palace, young Regina puts the finishing touches on little Snow White's (Bailee Madison -- the best casting find of any century) hair and asks her what she thinks. Breathless, Snow says it looks beautiful. Regina corrects her. "No, you look beautiful." Snow opens a small jewelry box on a nearby table and taking out a ring on a chain, she asks Regina what it is. When Regina explains it's the ring that her late love Daniel gave to her, Snow remembers. "The stable boy. The one who left you." Regina says, "He didn't leave me. He was killed. He was killed because you couldn't keep a secret from my mother." Snow protests that Cora said she was going to help them, but Regina won't hear it. "My mother corrupts young souls." Word. She then strangles Snow with the chain. "If you were stronger, none of this would have happened." Just before Snow dies, Regina snaps out of her rage-filled reverie. Snow, still happy, healthy and completely innocent to her almost stepmother's hatred, declares the necklace pretty and asks Regina where she got it. Regina lies, "I don't remember."

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Once Upon a Time




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