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Live Together. Die Alone.

Outside, the next day, Regina confides to her father that Cora is making her crazy. Instead of offering his daughter a way out, the elder Henry explains that Cora always wanted a certain kind of life and is just trying to secure it for Regina. Regina doesn't want it; she wants her own life. When she wonders how her mother got this way, Henry explains that years before, Cora met a man who introduced her to magic and gave her a grimoire. When Regina asks who, Henry says he doesn't know his name. "Cora won't even say it." So Cora it seems, might be the miller's daughter from our Rumpelstiltskin (no sic) tale. Nice.

Storybrooke, present. Gold's Shop. Gold catches Regina scouring his book collection in search of the grimoire and says, "The library is beneath the clock tower. You closed it, remember, when you still had power." Regina wants her mother's book. She needs to get back her son. Rumpy taunts her for needing mommy's help, and for needing the, "smell of the written word, to get the magic flowing again [...] Maybe if you relaxed, it would just happen." Regina says she doesn't have time. She needs a shortcut. Rumpy doesn't have time for this either and says, "Leave. Please." Regina is momentarily delighted when she realizes that now that the curse has been broken, Rumpy's please is no longer his magic word. When she rubs that in, Rumpy tries to brush it off because after all, jumpstarting her powers isn't in his best interest. Regina points out that it's also not in his best interest for the Storybrookers to learn that the Enchanted Forest still exists and that she and Rumpy are keeping that secret. She tries to open Rumpy's nearby suitcase. "You're up to something, and it doesn't involve going back home." Rumpy slams the case shut and magics up the grimoire, in a puff of purple smoke. "Careful, dearie. These are straight up spells. Rough on the system." Grabbing the book, Regina replies that she doesn't care if they turn her green. She's getting her son back. Rumpy chuckles. "Oh, my. [...] Holding that... I told you once you didn't look like her. Now? Now I can see it." Regina sneers at him, but her eyes fill with tears. She slams out of the shop and into commercial.

Sidebar: Lana Parrilla and Roberty Carlyle are the dream team, are they not? They bring everything to every scene and leave me breathless. Of course the writing deserves credit too, but that these two miserable wretches sometimes have me rooting for them, or at least understanding their deplorable acts -- it just blows my mind. They have such chemistry, too. Okay, gush over. I just feel every single word and glance between them, right in my gut.

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Once Upon a Time




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