Once Upon a Time
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Live Together. Die Alone.

L'enchantement. Night. Knifingham Palace. Young Regina sneaks into a sleeping Cora's chamber and steals the grimoire out from under mommy's pillow. Back in her own quarters, she encants, "Rumple...Rumple-schiltzkin, I summon thee." Rumpy apparates and mocks her muddling of his name. He introduces himself and when she returns the favor, he reveals he already knows her name. She knows of his past association with her mother and assumes he knew who she was because she resembles Cora. Rumpy shakes her off. "I don't really see it." He knows her because he knew her long ago. "It's been some time, but I knew this day would come. I've been waiting for it, and I'm so happy we're back where we belong." Regina: "Where's that?" Rumpy: "Together."

Storybrooke. On a bench outside Town Hall, Regina holds the still-closed grimoire in her hands. Inside Mary's hovel, Charming practices his speech, but he quits in frustration. When Henry tells him he was onto something, Charming disagrees. "I did the fighting. Snow did the talking." Snow did some fighting herself, if I recall, correctly. Sexist. Charming pulls out Jefferson's hat. Henry asks for it and then flips through his Once Upon A Time book, until he finds the Mad Hatter's chapter. While Prince Charming never met the Mad Hatter, memories of Alice In Wonderland were implanted in his mind as a detail from David Nolan's childhood. Henry doesn't know who the Hatter is in Storybrooke, but suggests they can look for him after Charming's speech. Charming has bigger ideas than speech rehearsal and rushes out the door. Henry follows after him. "Gramps, you've got to use me. Come on. The curse was broken 'cause of me. Let me help." Charming is gone. Henry: "Or maybe not."

Gold's Shop. When Charming arrives, Rumpy offers the appropriate sympathies over Snow and Emma's disappearance, but says portal jumping is outside his wheelhouse. Would they have to portal jump? I mean, I don't expect Rumpy to offer the truth, but can't they just go down the library elevator shaft or down into the mines? Anyhow, Rumpy asks what all the commotion is out in the town. Charming refers to problems crossing the town line, but doesn't explain them, and I hope for a moment that Rumpy tries to cross and lose his memory, but it's not to be. Charming is looking for magical help in finding someone, and he's not telling who. Rumpy asks if Charming has an object belonging to the missing person. Charming admits that he does, but when Rumpy asks if he can see it, our Prince wisely refuses. Rumpy opens a case full of magical doodads and produces a bottle of potion. "Pour this on the object and then follow it. So simple, even David Nolan could do it." Burn. In exchange, Rumpy asks for peace. "Leave me alone." Our Prince laughs that Rumpy is concerned over what David Nolan might do. Rumpy corrects him. "No, it's Charming I worry about. I'd like a little non-interference guarantee." Charming agrees, provided Rumpy returns the courtesy. It's a deal.

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Once Upon a Time




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