Once Upon a Time
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(Re)Born In The U.S.A.

Regina arrives at Snow's place and magics open the door. Snow sits silently on her bed and barely acknowledges her tormentor. Regina exercises her hexing hand, and approaches her prey, only to find Gold is standing watch. Regina looks past him, at Snow. "He can't be your guard dog, forever. We cut to the...

Garage. Billy the mechanic (Gus Gus!) is surprised Regina wants him to delay the Flynn's repairs, since she'd earlier asked him to expedite them. Regardless, it's too late. Flynn just picked up his car. We cut to...

Regina's Office. Regina takes my sweet Graham's heart in her hand and uses it like a walkie talkie. She orders him to find the Flynns before they cross the town line and arrest Kurt for drunk driving, then bring Owen to her. When she turns back toward the door, Kurt is already standing there. She quickly shoves Graham's heart back in its box, but it's clear Kurt heard her. Regina lies that it wasn't what it sounded like. Kurt backs up and mutters about how he doesn't want any trouble. Regina promises it's all a misunderstanding, but Kurt knows better. Then poor Graham enters, arrests Kurt and tries to cuff him. As he struggles against Graham, Kurt insists he hasn't been either drinking or driving, then says, "What did she do? She's controlling you. I don't know how, but she had this glowing thing. It was shaped like a heart." Graham laughs at that. "And you say you haven't been drinking." Kurt pushes the box off Regina's desk. Graham falters and grabs at his chest. As Kurt runs out, Graham looks up at Regina and says, "What was that?" Outside, Kurt runs to the car and tells Owen they have to get out of there. We flash forward to the...

Present. Woods. Neal runs into Gregor and falls flat on his back. Greg asks if the kid is okay. Henry insists he is, and lies that he's trying to get a merit badge for Scouts. Greg lies back that he's hiking, and wants to take pictures of Maine's scenic beauty. Eager to leave, Henry points Greg toward the hiking trail. Greg thanks him, picks up the boy's backpack, comments on his name, and wishes him luck with his merit badge. Henry takes off. We cut to the...

Mines. Using her keen sense of smell, Red follows Henry's scent and leads David, Emma and Neal down into the mines. David realizes Henry was looking for dynamite. Lost fans will feel me when I say I hope Henry doesn't get the Arzt treatment, or the Ilana treatment. Well, those Lost fans who don't have a hole in their hearts will feel me. You Henry haters can go sit in the mean queen corner and tell her how much you hate her little boy. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Neal realizes Henry wants to get rid of magic. Red: "So he's going to blow it up?" Neal: "Where would he even go to do that?" Recapper: Do you mean after he attends the Wile E. Coyote School of Failed Plans? We cut to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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