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As the children exit the classroom, Regina enters. She wants to know how long Mary has been teaching at the school. That is, she wants to know how long Mary thinks she's been teaching at the school. Mary considers this for a moment, then says, "Um...I...I'm not sure. As long as I can remember." Satisfied for the nonce, Regina says, "Come with me."

At the hospital, Regina walks to the comatose David Nolan's bedside and asks Mary if she knows their John Doe. Mary says she does not, but her voice is hopeful when she says, "Maybe someday, he'll wake up. Maybe someone who loves him will find him." Regina's smile approaches a satisfied smirk. "That would be nice for him." Lowering her voice to an edgy whisper, she adds, "But I wouldn't count on it."

Over at Granny's Diner, Regina is seated at the counter when Graham enters and bids her a good morning. Taking one for the audience, Regina says, "That uniform suits you nicely, Sheriff. So... well-fitted." Leaning in, Graham asks if she wants him come over later. She doesn't get a chance to state her answer, but her smile makes it clear that she does.

I'm so happy to see Graham that I want to ignore the icky rape implications that overwhelm their "relationship." No dice. I recall reading a discussion in which a viewer said Horowitz and/or Kitsis disagree that Regina has been raping Graham for all these years. I have no idea if either of them actually said that because most of the time, I avoid show-based media. I don't like off-screen explanations tainting my perception of what I see on-screen. Moments like this are exactly why. I don't care what a creator or writer says off-screen, if the on-screen story flies in its face.

When a magical Evil Queen rips out people's hearts and then uses those hearts to control their actions, and exerts said control to get a handsome huntsman/Sheriff into her bed, she has slipped him a Roofie. You can call it whatever you want, Creatives, but that doesn't make it not rape. With his heart in her hands (or at least, her vault) Graham is incapable of consent. She is forcing him to copulate. Rape is a horrible crime. That said, if there's a continuum of iniquity, murder is the ultimate because the victim can never heal. Since, in a fit of pique, Regina ultimately murders Graham, saying (and really, pretending, yes) Regina isn't is rapist does nothing to make her actions toward him any more palatable. She takes away his agency and then his life. She is horrible and wicked. She is Evil Incarnate. Sure, I feel for her. Sometimes, I even root for her redemption (but not for a long time, please), but Evil she is, and I won't pretend otherwise -- to do so would be to engage in that "legitimate rape" bullshit.

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