Once Upon a Time
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(Re)Born In The U.S.A.

The next morning, Regina is lying in bed next to a sleeping Graham. She rises, goes to the window and smiles out at her town. We jump to the hospital, where she smiles as she watches Mary stand over David's bed. When Regina walks down the street, she again sees Gold walking down the other side. Marco is once again up on his ladder, fixing Neighbor's sign. As Regina approaches the diner, Ruby and Granny are again outside bickering. While the words are changed, their conversation remains the same in substance. Ruby: "This is the last time I'm working the early shift." Instead of making the "over-easy" comment, Granny throws her hands in the air and walks off. Ruby's wearing red leather pants, instead of short shorts this time. So things are a little different, but not materially. Archie and Pongo pass Regina, and Archie gives her the same greeting. Regina smiles back at him, and then bumps into Mary Margaret. When Regina scolds Mary, she nods and skitters off like a terrified mouse. I think Regina takes more pleasure at that than she does at sharing Graham's bed. We flash forward to...

The next day. Regina wakes with Graham. At the hospital, she smiles as she sees Mary leave a white tulip on David's bedside table (earlier she left Snow Drops). As Regina walks down the main drag, Gold and Marco are in their usual positions. Ruby and Granny are, too. This time, Ruby is wearing a hat and black short shorts. In response to Archie's, "Beautiful day," Regina snarls, "Save it." Mary and Regina bump into each other again, so Mary being Mary says she's sorry. Regina: "I ran into you. Why are you apologizing?" Mary: "No, I should have been looking where I was going." Regina is surprised (and disappointed?) that Mary isn't going to fight back. Mary: "Fight back? Why would I do that?" then goes on her way. Regina looks so dissatisfied as she turns to watch her clueless victim.

Regina barges into Gold's shop and announces she's not happy. Once she mentions the deal, it's clear Gold has no memory of their past life. That doesn't stop Regina from whining that she was supposed to be happy here. Gold wonders how the most powerful woman in town can be unhappy. Regina says people only do what she wants because they must, not because they want to. She hates that it's not real. Gold asks her what she wants. Regina answers, "Nothing you can give me." As she walks out, she takes Owen's red and green lanyard out of her pocket.

Outside, Regina uses the pay phone to call Kurt. She says she'd love to see Owen and invites the guys over for dinner, smiling broadly when he accepts. We flash forward to the...

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Once Upon a Time




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