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(Re)Born In The U.S.A.

Shocked, Emma's voice is soft as she asks, "Is there no other option?" Gold: "I'm afraid not." Henry has had it up to however tall he is and tells these foolish adults to stop it. "Listen to yourselves. You're talking about killing my mom. You used to be heroes. What happened to you?" When he runs out the door, Emma follows. As she grabs her jacket, she turns back to David and Gold and tells them that no matter how this plays out, they must keep Henry as far away from it as possible. David nods. After Emma leaves, Gold says, "She's right. Cora was dangerous because she didn't have a heart. Regina is even more dangerous because she does." We flash back to...

1983. Regina's House. Even when Owen pooh-poohs Regina's lasagna, she finds the boy enchanting, and confesses that apple products are cooking forte. She tells him to go out to the kitchen and pick out some good apples. Once the boy is gone, Kurt laughs. He's a little too amused by his kid, whom he describes as a free spirit, like his mother. Regina says, "Is she back in New Jersey... with the Boss?" Heh. Kurt explains his wife died six months prior. They've taken this trip to help get Owen's mind off things.

Regina says she came here to start over too, but it isn't turning out the way she hoped. Kurt asks, "Why not?" Regina: "What good is a new life, if you don't have anyone to share it with?" Owen hollers from the kitchen, "Hey, I thought we were making dessert." After a time cut, he watches as Regina puts three apple tarts in the oven, then asks her why she isn't a mother. When Regina says just didn't work out that way, Owen says, "That's too bad. You'd be really good at it." Regina smiles and thanks him. They chit chat and she asks how he likes Storybrooke. Owen's answer that it's better than New Jersey surprises Regina, so she says, "You don't miss your home? Your friends?" Owen says he hates it there. The kids all treat him weird because of his mother's death. "Nobody gets it. It's like..." With tears in her eyes, Regina finishes his thought: "...there's a piece of your heart missing." Kurt enters the kitchen and asks how dessert is coming. Regina says it's great and then pretty much says, hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but my heart's empty, can I take your baby? Okay, she couches that as an invitation for them to move to town. She can arrange for a new job, etc. While Owen is thrilled at the chance for a new start, Kurt realizes just exactly how insane his hostess is, so he thanks her, but explains their life is in New Jersey. Regina pretends like she knows how to accept rejection. We flash forward to...

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Once Upon a Time




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