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(Re)Born In The U.S.A.

Present. Granny's Diner. As they enter, Henry asks Emma, "Why did you bring me here? I don't want to talk to you." Oh come on, kid. It's not like Emma was the one planning to kill Regina. That was your new Grampy. Emma is more patient than me, so she just says, "You don't have to," as she steers him to Neal's booth. Neal the eel is all, "Heya buddy." Ruby delivers a sundae with extra everything, which Neal slides over to Henry. Such a rookie mistake. Henry knows a bribe when he sees one, and calls Neal out on it, so the eel confesses that Emma has caught him up on what's going on. He thinks it's a good idea if Henry comes to New York with him for a while. If he's not in Storybrooke, he's not in magic's reach. Henry suggests that they find a way to rid Storybrooke of magic. "It would solve everything." Neal says the kid is right, but says that until they figure how to do that, the boy should come with him.

Emma is sitting at the counter when Gregor Mendel brings his sandwich to the counter and asks Red to wrap it up so he can take it on a hike. He explains Dr. Whale said it would be good for him, and he's a bit of a nature-photography nerd. Don't undersell your nerdliness, Greg. You're nearly 40 years old and you have the Star Wars theme as your ringtone. Emma's just surprised he hasn't gone back to Pennysylvania yet. Greg says, "This town's starting to grow on me." He thanks Red for wrapping his sandwich and leaves. When Red shoots her a concerned look, Emma returns with a look that pretty much says, That fool is so low on my list of priorities, I can't even....

Neal is seated alone at the booth when Emma returns. Neal says everything went fine and Henry agreed to go to New York. They just have to go home and pack. As Neal brags about what a natural parent he is, Emma looks at him, no doubt wondering what she ever saw in him, and points out that it's a bit odd Henry took his backpack to the bathroom. Neal starts to stammer out a response, but Emma interrupts. "To the bathroom? Did you really fall for that?" Her "you tool" is strongly implied. "He's your son." As dawn breaks over Neal's thick skull, he says, "He's running."

Woods. Henry runs through the woods. Yeah, no, that's all there is to the scene. The writers must have used black magic to determine I'd be running up against my deadline, and they just decided to troll me by making me start a new scene for nothing. Just remember, dearies, magic always comes with a price. Commercial.

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Once Upon a Time




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