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My Heart Also Belongs To Another
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Enchanted Forest: Princess Abigail arrives in King "Charles Widmore" George's kingdom. George welcomes her and then grabs one of his men and hisses at him to find Prince Charming. I wish I knew Charming's real name. Maybe we'll learn it in an episode where there's some sort of breakthrough in Mary Margaret and David's Storybrooke relationship woes. Knowing a person's name gives one power, after all. Anyhow, we cut to Charming fleeing on horseback. It's not long before he is apprehended.

Storybrooke: Over supper, Kathryn tells David she has been accepted at a Boston law school. He didn't even know she applied.

Audience: Probably because you were too busy committing ADULTERY, David, you SLEAZE.

Recapper: It's not truly adultery, but point taken. I hate seeing Kathryn as a perpetual dupe. I'm tired of watching the degradation of David's character. That said, I'm pretending that there has been nothing more tawdry going on than a few stolen kisses and a secret picnic lunch.

Audience: Oh, c'mon. Mary Margaret had a one night stand with Dr. Whale. You think she's not doing it with her own true love?

Recapper: Not until they remember they're married, or at least until David breaks things off with Kathryn and is open about the fact that he loves Mary Margaret. Snow White is no one's dirty little secret. You hear me, Show?

Dr. Whale: Well, she's my dirty little secret.

Recapper: La la la. I cannot hear you. La la la.

Kathryn: David, do you hear voices?

David: Maybe it's just crickets.

Audience: The crickets of your GUILTY CONSCIENCE you CHEATER.

Kathryn: Hmm. Oh well. Anyhow, David, I think we need a fresh start. Let's make new memories instead of trying to recapture the old.

David: Umm...

Enchanted Forest: Abigail tells Charming she has ears in Charles Widmore's court, which, if taken literally, is incredibly gross. [I'm pretty sure that's one of our lines. --Imaginary Joss Whedon & Crew] Abigail knows Charming is in love with Snow White and has no intention of marrying her. He explains he will not marry someone he doesn't love. Abigail finds it "charming" that he is prepared to lay down his life rather than live a lie and explains that she came to help him escape because she doesn't want to marry him, either. I'm so glad Abigail has turned out to be likable. I really couldn't stand her when she was first introduced.

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