Once Upon a Time
What Happened To Frederick

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My Heart Also Belongs To Another

Storybrooke, Night: David meets up with Mary Margaret and tells her about Kathryn's plan to attend law school in Boston. Mary asks where Kathryn thinks he is right now. David told her he needed to take a walk and clear his head.

Audience: How about clearing your conscience, you second-rate lothario?

Recapper: The spellcheck on my Mac doesn't recognize the word lothario. I know I didn't spell it wrong (or make a typo) because I'm looking right at it, besides which, spellcheck isn't even offering me an alternate spelling. Seriously, spellcheck?

Spellcheck: Well, Lothario is a fictional character, so it is a proper noun.

Recapper: Yeah, well, Giacomo Casanova was a real person and therefore a proper noun and yet you recognize casanova.

Spellcheck: Maybe I'm cursed.

Recapper: Oh, I'm cursing you right now.

Gentle Readers: Um...can we get back to the recap?

Recapper: Sorry about that. Right. So, Mary Margaret asks David why lies are their default. She says they have to tell Kathryn the truth about everything. When David says he doesn't know if he can, I yell out, "You can't because of the curse!"

Audience: And we yell out, "Perhaps, or perhaps we've seen jellyfish with more backbone. Either way, you suck, David!"

Mary: I tell David he has to be truthful. If we can't be honest with others, how will we be honest with each other? As it now stands, the only way no one gets hurt is if we don't want to be together.

David: But I do want to be together.

Mary: Then make a choice.

David: I choose you.

Audience: Bah! You don't choose anyone but yourself.

Recapper: Anyhow, Mary Margaret says if he chooses her, then it's time to tell Kathryn. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps their kisses haven't restored the memory of life in the Enchanted forest because right now their love isn't true -- as in, it's not truthful.

The next day, the MYSTERIOUS STRANGER runs into Emma outside Granny's and reminds her they're supposed to have a drink together. She wants to know if he's asking her out. He says if she needs labels they can call it a date. Oh, I hate guys like that and want to call him a douche, but in recent recaps of my other shows, I've been on a bit of a tear about not using words with feminine connotations as slurs. Darn it.

Gentle Readers: Looks like you just did. You're about as principled as David.

Recapper: But I feel really bad about it.

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Once Upon a Time




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