Once Upon a Time
What Happened To Frederick

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My Heart Also Belongs To Another

Emma: Anyhow, I figured you'd tell me about David when it was time. It must be time.

Mary: It is time. David is telling Kathryn -- everything.

Audience: Don't hold your breath, honey.

Over at the Nolan's house, Kathryn is looking for apartments online, when David arrives home. He tells her he can't go to Boston with her. Kathryn wonders if he can't or won't? I'd say, given his feelings for Mary, that's a Won't, but given the curse, it's a Can't. Anyhow, he's sorry, but doesn't know what to say.

Audience: Try the truth, you philanderer.

Kathryn: Try the truth. Is there something going on I don't know about?

Audience: Oh, honey.

David: No. Something happened. I don't know what it is. There is something that is preventing me from connecting, but it's not fair of me to let that screw up your life. You need a fresh start. Just not with me.

Audience: Well you're not wrong, but you're still not being truthful. Maybe if Kathryn hadn't asked you if there's something going on, we could support your way of breaking things off. We wouldn't want to see you gloat, but she flat out asked you and you lied.

David: It's the curse, I'm telling you.

Audience: Talk to the hand.

Enchanted Forest: Charming, Abigail and her men ride to her father's realm, where she says they should be safe. She has provisions waiting for David. He says he can't take any of it until she tells him what's really going on. Abigail tells him, "It's not about you James. I don't want to marry you because my heart also belongs to another." Once upon a time, she was to marry a man named Frederick. "We all have our own tragedies -- lost love being the worst." She thought reuniting James with his lost love, might provide her with some consolation. Charming tells Abigail that Snow doesn't love him and says, "You can't fight for something that doesn't exist. So, there's my tragedy."

Recapper: My tragedy is that there is an old story (maybe by the Brothers Grimm) about Frederick and Abigail. It's not a fairy tale. It's a story where the wife takes everything her husband says incredibly literally, and hijinks ensue. I found it the first time we learned Abigail's name, but now, when I do a web search on it, all the hits lead to other Once Upon A Time recaps and episode discussions. It's driving me crazy.

Abigail: You think that's tragic? My tragedy, let me show you it! I lead my erstwhile fiancé to a gazebo in the woods with a gilded Knight standing at its center.

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