Once Upon a Time
What Happened To Frederick

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My Heart Also Belongs To Another

Charming: What's up with Golden Boy?

Abigail: We were traveling with my father, Midas. Our caravan ambushed. Frederick was cut down saving daddy's life. This is no statue. Frederick threw himself in front of daddy. Because of my father's curse, he turned to gold.

Charming: All curses can be broken. Have you tried true love's kiss?

Abigail: 'Til my lips bled.

Charming: Ah, the gold got in the way.

Rumpy: Gnarrrrrrrrrrgllllieeeeey doo lay doo lee. A secretive shout-out a shout-out to me. To me!

Recapper: Scram, you're not in the episode.

Audience: *Pouts*

Abigail: Anyhow, there's this legendary lake -- Lake Nostos. Its waters supposedly have properties that can return something to you once lost, but a ghastly creature guards it. None have succeeded in drawing its water.

Charming: Well, none have my fearless bravery!

Recapper: Did you turn into Gaston, or something?

Charming: No, I'm just a little suicidal, since I'm apparently not the one true love of my one true love. Anyhow, Abby, one of us should have happiness. If I succeed in getting you this water and it brings your man back to you, you win. If I fail and die, I win.

Recapper: Celexa. Look into it.

Back in Storybrooke, August has unbound Henry's Once Upon A Time book and is fiddling with it. At first, I think he's made a copy and is aging the pages of this new copy by dipping them in water or something. There's since been all kinds of discussion about this in our episode thread and I now have no clue what August is doing, except dipping the pages in some fluid, hanging them on a line to dry. Next he takes down an already dried group of pages (which are all hanging on top of each other and that would mess with the drying, right?). Anyhow, he lays the dried group of pages on top of another section of the book (and right on top of an illustration of the Gold Knight). He hand-binds that section to the pages already on his work table. Eagle-eyed forum members have pointed out that the first page we see August dip into the water features the part of the Snow White and Rose Red story, in which Snow White frees the dwarf by cutting off the end of his beard. Anyhow, so what's August doing with the book? I have no clue. Some people think he's made a copy, is keeping the original and is just aging the copies in water so Henry will think he has the original. Some think he is giving Henry an altered copy. Others think he's got magical water from Lake Nostos and is restoring the book. Others think he's just cleaning it up because it was just in a metal box buried in the dirt, but I have to say, those first pages he dipped don't look dirty. I like the magical water theory.

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Once Upon a Time




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