Once Upon a Time
What Happened To Frederick

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My Heart Also Belongs To Another

Over at her office, Regina gives Henry a present. He wants to know what the occasion is. Regina says, "The occasion is I love you." Henry's expression is sad as he blinks and looks away from her. Inside the box is a(n outdated) handheld video game. Regina says, "I know you miss your book, but with this, you can do the heroics. You can save the princesses. You can be the hero."

Regina: The kid remains morose. I didn't mean to destroy your book. I tore down the playground for your safety.

Henry: It's not just the book. It's Emma. I want to see her.

Before Regina can respond, Kathryn does the old knock-and-enter. Regina sends Henry home to do his homework. Once the women are alone, Kathryn cries as she tells Regina that David is leaving her. Regina immediately launches a verbal assault about Mary Margaret the home-wrecker, then notices (and undoubtedly delights in the fact that) Kathryn is caught off guard. Regina contains her glee as she tells Kathryn about the affair and shows her surveillance photos of David and Mary kissing and sharing loving looks.

Kathryn: Why didn't you tell me?

Regina: Muahahaha. Um. I mean, I thought you two were working it out. Believe me, I want you two together.

Kathryn: Why do you care?

Regina: I'm your friend!

Kathryn: No -- a friend wouldn't lie. Everyone is lying to me.

Gentle Readers: Uh, Cindy? Nowhere in that scene does Regina look even remotely gleeful. Also, earlier on, when she was alone with Henry, she seemed sincere and loving.

Recapper: Yeah, ask the Genie of Agrabah about that.

Magic Mirror: Word.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Abigail shows Charming the shrine to the guardian of the lake. She wants to accompany him to the lake, but Charming insists upon going it alone and he will leave no offering, as doing so wasn't much help to those who went before him.

Back in Storybrooke, at the Nolan's house, David is going through old photos. He lingers on one of Kathryn.

Curse: This is me at work, people. I don't care what you say.

Audience: We believe it. We just don't want to see our hero act so unheroically.

Recapper: What the heck, spellcheck. You don't recognize unheroically, either?

Spellcheck: It's the curse!

Curse: Don't put that on me.

Mary: I'm at school when David calls me. I ask if he told Kathryn.

David: Yep, and it's bad, really bad.

Mary: But you told the truth, so we can pick up the pieces and start over from a real place.

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Once Upon a Time




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