Once Upon a Time
What Happened To Frederick

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My Heart Also Belongs To Another

David: Um... So hey, I want to see you. Can I come by after school?

Mary: Of course. I'll see then. You did the right thing.

David: Um.

Kathryn comes storming down the school corridor. She bumps into a male gym teacher who is all, "Watch where you're going." He sure watches where she's going and seems disconcerted.

Mary: I'm a little freaked out when I see Kathryn coming at me. The first thing I do is blurt out that I'm sorry.

Kathryn: I slap her right across the face. Screw you!

Mary: I understand you're upset. Can we talk somewhere private?

Kathryn: Doubt it. I'm all about shaming you, you lying man-stealer.

Mary: We've been completely honest.

Kathryn: As if! It's been a pack of lies and some crap about not being able to connect!

Mary: What? He said he would tell you the truth.

Kathryn: Ha! Well, then he lied to you, too. Good luck making it work. You two deserve each other.

Audience: This is what we're saying.

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Charming arrives at the lake. He starts to fill a canteen, wineskin -- what is thing called? You know, one of those leather water-thingums. Anyhow, the sound effects get creepy and tip him off that the beast is on its way. Charming demands that it show itself. He hears creepiness approach but sees nothing, so he tells the beast to show itself. When it appears, Charming is surprised that his foe is a beautiful blond siren. She rises out of the water. Charming looks smitten, despite himself. Commercial.

In Storybrooke, August pulls up to Granny's on his motorcycle. He tells Emma to hop on. When she's reluctant, he says she should quit needing to control everything and take a leap of faith. He smells like he's on the side of good -- I'm just saying. He tells her again, to hop on.

August: I know a good watering hole.

Granny: If you don't hop on that, I will. (And I maybe don't mean the bike.)

Recapper's Mother: Cynthia!

Recapper: I'm sorry, mum, but did you not see Granny's face. She's a bit of a big, bad wolf, herself.

Emma: All right, already.

Granny smiles as Emma gets on the bike. August drives them out to a well.

Emma: I'm all like, "A watering hole, literally." Gnnnarrrr.

August: Say what you will about me. I always tell the truth.

Emma: Where's the booze?

August: You want me to get you drunk? Maybe next time.

Emma: Dream on.

August: So, there's something special about the well. The legend is that the water from the well is fed by an underground lake with magical properties.

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Once Upon a Time




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