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What's Your Name, Little Boy?

The boys all arrive for the game. Tim walks with Nathan until he sees Luke, and then Haley. Nathan tells Tim that he'll "catch up with him later." Then he turns to Haley and asks if she's got a second. He shows her his exam. He got an 84. She's very excited for him. She gives him a big hug. Nathan stares at Luke the whole time he's holding Haley. See, it's this stuff that confuses me -- is he a nice guy, or does he just want to hurt his brother?

The fathers are in the change room. Someone named Bruce asks if "Dan-the-Man" will carry the team tonight. Of course, he's been training. Ooh, training. Keith walks into the room. Dan jokes, "I'll carry the team and Keith can carry my jock." And that's funny how? Doesn't matter, all the men laugh. They're wearing jerseys that say "Fathers." Bruce says, "Hey, Keith, good to see you. I didn't know you had a boy who played." Keith says cuttingly, "Actually, I'm just a stand-in, one of the boys doesn't have a father." Have truer words ever been spoken?

Out in the gym, the boys warm up. Haley tries to get Luke's attention from the bleachers. He tries to ignore her until she yells, "Hey! Scott!" Of course, both he and Nathan turn around. Luke gives her the evil eye. Haley doesn't know what she's done. Okay. The game is about to begin. There's an announcer announcing the charity game. Wouldn't paying him cut into the profits? Perhaps he's donated his time. When the announcer tells the crowd to put their hands together for the all-time scoring champ and member of the state championship team, Dadzilla, the crowd explodes. Whitey looks disgusted. Exactly. Nathan and Dan do the tip-off. Dan starts trash-talking Nathan: "Looks like your old man got a lot more applause than you did." Nathan gives as good as he gets: "Are you sure your hearing aid's not turned up too loud?" They laugh. That moment almost approached normal. Team Father wins the ball. Dan scores. They're off.

And so is Peyton. She's roaring through the streets of Tree Hill to a rocking version of the theme song. Blah red lights. Blah bleating horns. Blah.

Back at the game. The boys do their best impression of the Harlem Globetrotters as the dads can barely keep up. The sons are up by thirty points. Dan's starting to get pissed off. Whitey laughs.

In the half-time locker room, Dan does up his shoe and says, "You guys suck out there, it's embarrassing." Keith fiddles with his knee support and replies, "For you maybe." Exactly. Seems like they're all having a good time -- all the men are laughing and joking except for Dan. Because. He. Takes. Himself. Seriously. Dan says snidely, "Come on. You play house with a girl I got pregnant in high school and I'm supposed to be embarrassed." Um, and playing house with the girl you got pregnant months later is any less embarrassing? Keith says, "It's embarrassing because we're old men playing horribly, and that's the way it's supposed to be." Keith's gone to Woda's School of Logic, thank goodness. Dan says, "Not for me." Then he gets up and heads into the boys' locker room. Someone jokes about the "enemy" approaching. He confronts Nathan and says, "You going to bring your best game or what?" Talk about embarrassing. Nathan replies, "You're down by thirty points, Dad." Dan: "I'm talking about you. You bring your best game. I'll bring mine. And we'll see." Nathan: "We'll see what?" Dan: "We'll see who's the best, or maybe you'd rather not know." Nathan's face falls. What's wrong with Dan? He's pathologically competitive with his own son? Keith comes in and says, "Hey! Come on, relax, little brother." Dan snits, "This isn't your place, Keith." But Keith's not backing down: "It isn't your place either." He looks around the room and continues, "It's their game now, you should be proud they're so good." Dan scoffs, "Like you had anything to do with it." Keith tells him to go away. Dan says, "Let's see what you've got," to Nathan as he slinks away on sweat and broken dreams. Keith jokes, "If any of you bring your best game, I'm going to hurt you." The boys laugh. He pats Nathan on the shoulder and tells him that he's doing fine. Luke smiles. He definitely isn't missing out on anything with by not having Dan as a father. Poor Nathan. No wonder he's so mixed up about everything.

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