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What's Your Name, Little Boy?

Luke catches up with Keith in the locker room. They joke about the game. Luke gives him all kinds of props. He's proud to have Keith as his "dad" for the night. And you know what, he's going to keep the Scott name. Then he says, "I just hope I can wear it as well as you." Aw, they hug.

Nathan sees Peyton outside. He calls out to her, "I'm glad you came. I knew you would." She turns around. He continues, "I want you to know that things are going to be different for us." Her eyes aren't puffy at all. I wish I could cry and then take a couple days to calm down before shooting the scene that's supposed to come directly afterwards. Oh, and her makeup is perfect too. Whatever. She says, "Did you know that my mom died tonight? Seven years ago." He doesn't say anything. "You didn't know because you never ask." Then she tells him that she didn't come there for him tonight, just as Luke walks outside and looks mournfully at her. Peyton looks at him, then looks back at Nathan before walking toward Luke. Oh, Nathan looks so sad, so very sad.

Inside the locker room, Dan contemplates his failure on the court, his failure as a father, his failure as a man.

Peyton walks right past Luke too. She's choosing herself.

Luke recites from John Steinbeck. Blah dying, blah choosing to live blah. Peyton sits by a red light. Waits for it to turn green, and drives through.

Next week, Deb tells Dan she doesn't even know him anymore. Brooke's knee gets hurt, so she asks the doctor for meds. Nathan and Luke are caught in some strange half-naked boxing match. And Peyton, Brooke, and Haley have a girls' night out.

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