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What's Your Name, Little Boy?

Keith turns a wrench on a bolt in someone's engine. Craig Sheffer's quite built. He looks like a stretch of road in downtown Buffalo, but his arms are nice. Anyway. Luke comes into the shop. Keith says, "You're not working today." Luke replies, "I know, but I have a favour to ask. There's this father/son charity basketball game. Whitey says I have to play. Are you interested?" Keith smiles and says warmly, "Yeah." Luke's reply, "Yeah." There's male bonding at its peak, ladies and gentlemen. That's the Mount Everest of communications right there. They smile. He says, "I might be a little out of shape, not to mention that I wasn't worth a crap in high school." Luke jokes, "That's all the better for us, right? Why don't you start coming down to the court with us?" Keith holds up the paper: "And hang with a member of the Scott basketball dynasty." Luke's face falls completely. He says, "What are you going to do?" Damn. And he was in a good mood for once. "Sucks for my mom." Keith asks if he's okay. "Honestly, I can't stand being connected to Nathan or Dan."

Speak of the devil, Beelzebub himself drives up on a bike: "Hey! Big brother!" Luke turns around so he doesn't have to look at him. "Just getting some cardio in and I ran out of water. Wanna help me out?" Again, it smells like the desperate need for long-gone-teen-spirit whenever Dan's around. He just can't get the odor of things past out of his clothes. He'll just sweat it right back in anyway. Keith says, "Why not." I'm guessing that Dan doesn't even notice that Luke's there, because he keeps blabbing on about Keith buying tickets to the father/son game. Keith tosses him a bottle of water and replies, "Well, I could if I wasn't playing in it. Luke invited me." Dan nods. "Oh, great. Well, try not to soil the Scott family name while you're at it." Keith retorts, "That's everyday advice for you, huh?" Then Dan addresses his son: "Hey kid." God, I hate that. It makes my stomach drop every time I hear it. "Seems as though you've got an obligation to the family name too. Don't blow it." Luke replies, "That article's a lie. You're not my father and you never were." Dan says, "You're right. It is a lie. You should have never had the name in the first place." Then he rides off to do more cardio. Too bad he can't work his personality into such good shape. Where does anger like that come from? I'll bet Dan's insides are filled with evil, black tar. What an incredible jackass. Like it's Luke's fault, like Luke has any control over his name. Keith yells, "Hey!" as Dan rides away. Luke throws something. Keith asks if he's okay. "I have no responsibility to him or his name." Keith replies, "Don't let him get inside your head." He holds his pointer finger up to his temple. I couldn't help it, I giggled -- it's the method actor's version of being very serious, pointing to the body part the line references. Heh. Luke tells Keith it's about time he got out from under his name completely. What does that mean? He's not going to be a Scott anymore. He's going to change his last name.

Dan shows up at Whitey's office; at least he knocks before going in this time. Woda says, "You're late. I expected you this morning after that article in the paper." Dan replies, "I understand Lucas has asked Keith to play in the basketball game. Do you think that's wise?" Woda asks him why not. Dan replies, "Keith's not exactly a father." Thank goodness Whitey's there to say exactly what I'm thinking: "You're not the best father either, Danny, and you're playing." Heh. Then Dan tries a different approach: "What about Lucas, you have to know this is embarrassing for him." Again, Woda speaks from a position of pure truth: "Embarrassing for him, what about embarrassing for you?" Dan tries to leave, but Whitey holds him back: "This isn't about Keith or Lucas. This is about you, Danny. This is about the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see the son that you never claimed." Cue the melodramatic music. "You were a great player, maybe the best I ever had. But you could score a hundred points in this game and that feeling's not going to go away. It'll be there until you acknowledge that Lucas is your son and that you made a mistake." And no truer words have ever been spoken. Alas, is it enough to bring non-Moses down from his manmade mountain of shame? Oh, wait -- no, because that would mean Dan had feelings and we all know that's not true.

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