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What's Your Name, Little Boy?

The mini-golf on top of Karen's café makes for very good pregnancy-hiding shots. Heh. Karen's also wearing a really big wool sweater, but it doesn't matter, because she's started waddling. You might be able to hide the belly, but you can never hide the waddle. She says, "So, your Uncle Keith's been working hard getting ready for the game." Luke laughs. Then he putts. Oh, mini-golf with your mom. Good times. She continues, "And then he mentioned you were thinking of changing your last name." He misses his shot. Damn, don't you hate it when your mom corners you with serious talks when all you want to do is get the ball into the cow's mouth? He replies, "I just don't want people reading these stupid articles and think I played ball just because Dan did." He leans against an old tire. "I don't want you to have read that stuff." Karen makes her shot and says, "Well, you're in the spotlight now and articles come with the territory." But she doesn't want him to run away from that, oh no. The ball goes up the tire and out the other side. Man, they're trying everything so they don't actually have to have the camera on poor, pregnant Karen. She wants Luke to confront his problems head-on. He says, "I just think it would make you happy if I took your name." Karen takes a deep breath: "When I found out I was pregnant, Dan already had a basketball scholarship, and nothing was going to get in the way of that." She scratches her face. "Then something strange happened. Right before classes started he changed his mind. He said he'd finish the semester and we'd get married." She shakes her head. "So when I went into labour and you appeared, the nurse asked for your name and I said it was Scott. Keith was there, and when the nurse brought you in, she let him hold you." Karen laughs. "I've known Keith my whole life, but that's the only time I've seen him cry." I'm tired of looking at Karen's face. "Your father never showed up." Luke's response: "So, hell with him! I don't want his name." So not the point, dude. "Keith's a Scott too, you know?" Exactly. There's the point. "I've never been ashamed of you, Lucas, not ever, or your name. But I've never had to carry that name in this town like you have, so if you want to change it, you have my blessing." Twang. Twang. The guitar empathizes. "But it's just a name, Luke. What you do with it is up to you." Luke shakes his head. It's like every week they get a bit more honest with one another. They did a good job and that was a nice scene, right down to Luke's emotional shudder at the end of it all -- he looks like a kid struggling with so much right now; it's good.

Nathan calls out to Brooke. He asks if she's seen Peyton. Brooke replies, "Not since the two of you broke up and she went psycho on me in practice." Nathan's worried because she's not in school and won't answer any of her phones. Brooke: "Well, maybe she's out kicking the homeless." Again, what exactly does that mean? That Peyton's so mean she would be out kicking homeless people? That she's heartless, or that she's troubled like a street kid? Do they even have homeless in Tree Hill?

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