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What's Your Name, Little Boy?

Haley's on the roof, putting her troubles away. Seems the afghan is good golfing gear. Luke comes up on the roof. She tells him that she really doesn't want it to be like "this" between them. She continues, "You know, when you wanted to join the team, I didn't really understand it, but I supported you." He nods and says that he knows. "So, support me. When I'm tutoring someone and they get it and that light [insert snapping fingers here] goes on, I feel good. I feel worthy. The same way you feel when you play basketball." Luke stays silent and lets her ramble on. "Besides, haven't things gotten better for you? Hasn't the team stopped? So, well, it's worth the risk for me. What's not worth the risk is us, we're friends and that's important to me." Blah just tutoring blah. "I am just tutoring him." Okay. He holds out his fist and she bonks it with her own. Well, that conversation solved all their troubles -- or not. Why is it okay for Luke to like Peyton, but not for Nathan to like Haley?

Luke and Keith play ball down at the Riverside Courts. You know, I'm glad that they got rid of Tweedledum and Stinky, but what really happened to them? Where did all his friends go? Are we ever going to see them again? Don't they all go to the same high school? How come people disappear into vapour on this show and no one notices? Anyway. Luke sinks a basket, and Keith looks like he's in pain. Well, he is wearing work boots and jeans. Oh my, and a totally '80s Rick Springfield headband. Oh, I can't look at it; it's even purple, and it makes his hair stick up -- he looks like a white man's Prince. It's not pretty. Talk about white men who can't jump, this is white men who can't jump or dress. Ouch. Who's dressing these characters this week? Keith hobbles over to the picnic table. He can't be that out of shape. Have you seen his arms? Keith asks, "So you, ah, decide on the name thing yet?" Luke's still standing: "I've downloaded all the forms." Then he sits. "Mom's still got to sign off on them." Keith says, "Mind if I tell you what I think?" Luke: "I think you just did." Keith: "I know I'm not your father, and I never try to tell you what to do, but I just wish you'd think about it." Luke nods and says he will. Then he tells Keith he doesn't have to play because he knows he put him in a strange position. Blah Nathan, blah Dan, blah his family too. Keith says, "As far as I'm concerned, you and your mom are my family as long as you'll have me." Luke laughs. "Dan and I, we've never seen eye-to-eye, even when we were kids, and Nathan's practically a stranger. Besides, I was honoured that you asked me to play." Blah bonding blah. Blah hugs blah. Luke says thanks. Keith smiles. Aw, normal relationships, see how they work? Yawn.

Deb brings a glass of lemonade to Nathan, who is working out in the backyard. She asks, "How's my boy?" Nathan snits, "Why? Dad ask you to spy on me?" She hands him the glass. He continues, "Poison my drink." He laughs. She laughs. Then he says, "You'd think he organized this entire game himself to get back on the court." Deb knows Dan's been tough on him. She calls her son "Nate." But she wants him to know that things are going to change. Nathan says, "I just wish he'd lay off, I want to do good for him, but he just gets so worked up about this stuff." Deb tells her boy not to play if he doesn't want to -- she believes Dan would get over it. Nathan hands the juice back and says, "You know that's a lie, Mom." Whoa. The ground feels like it's cracking under the weight of the gigantic parental pressure holding Nathan on earth -- it's not gravity, it's Dan's dreams that are keeping both of his feet firmly attached to the pavement. Yeah, and what's Deb truly going to do about it? Dan's not going to convert in a couple of episodes. That kind of psychotic behaviour takes years to undo. I guess TPTB are really thinking ahead; they expect the show to last for seasons and seasons and seasons.

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