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The breakfast table feels just as uncomfortable as the dinner table -- maybe even a little more, seeing as all the skeletons have joined them for a tasty bit of scrambled eggs. Keith's there, too. Royal asks, "How's business, Keith?" He says it's steady. Royal continues, "I know I've ridden you a lot, son, but I hope you know I think you're a good man." Keith smiles, and then he snarks, "That's great, Dad. The first nice thing you say to me, and it's really just a dig at Dan." Royal starts to defend himself, but May steps in to ask if they can't all just eat their breakfast. May says that Dan had forgotten to open their present from her and his father. Dan puts down his fork and opens the box. Inside, there's a beautiful quilt of all his basketball stuff; it's really lovely. May says she couldn't bring herself to throw it out, she insists he still has a lot to be proud of. Only Dan looks kind of mortified, sort of stunned and kind of confused after the night that they all just had.

After breakfast, Dan's helping Deb in the kitchen. He puts a dish in the sink and says, "It's almost over, Deb." She sighs, "Thank God for that." Dan tries to make peace by thanking her for "not throwing gas on the fire." Deb just looks down at the counter. This causes Dan to say flippantly, "Are you okay?" Deb keeps her eyes away from him and admits that she's not at all okay: "All this pretending and lying, I can't really hold it against you -- " He interjects with a short, curt "Deb." She continues, "-- because I realized I've been doing it, too." She leaves the room. And Dan sits there thinking his life just can't get any worse.

On the ride back home, Luke tries to talk to Peyton about what happened, but she stops him. She says, "Don't. It was stupid, okay, you're with Brooke now." Luke says, "Yeah." Peyton continues, "We got carried away; it didn't mean anything." He looks at the road and asks, "It didn't?" Peyton replies honestly, "Of course it did." They look at each other and then look away.

May hugs Deb, Nathan, and Keith, while Dan helps Royal with their bags. Dan expects his father at least to shake his hand, but Royal just walks away. The car drives off, leaving quite a mess for the Scotts to clean up. Deb removes Dan's hand from her shoulder and goes inside. Keith leaves, and so does Dan, leaving Nathan staring after the car.

Somewhere in the distant future, Nathan's back on the team. He sees Haley in the hallway, and then walks back into practice.

Back home now, Brooke runs out and hugs Peyton. Then she hugs Luke, trusting both of them, not knowing anything about what happened. And I bet the two of them feel just terrible.

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