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Haley serves up a storm during the breakfast rush at the café. Who's cooking the food? If Karen's not there, I assumed Deb was doing the cooking, but she was at Dan's work not five minutes ago. Haley's not doing both the cooking and the serving, I hope. As Royal walks through the door, she says, "Good morning sir, table or counter?" See, Haley's still got a job. At least one of the teenagers on this show is responsible. Royal replies, "Um, actually, I'm looking for Karen." Haley says, "Actually, she's in Italy -- cooking school." Royal says, "Good for her." Pause. "How's that boy of hers doing?" Haley looks at him kind of funny, but says, "Lucas is great." Does Royal want to leave a message? Naw, he'll catch up with her the next time he's passing by. Haley asks if Royal can tell her who he is. Royal declines, saying he's just an old friend, and then leaves the café. Haley brings a customer a cup of coffee -- but wait, Deb is there; she comes out from the kitchen to see Royal as he's leaving. Now, I'll bet that starts her mind a-wandering about whether Royal's kept in touch with Karen over the years.

Back at Peyton's, the teenagers are fixing the plot device...oh, I mean, "car." Luke says that it's not the battery; it's probably the starter. He's sitting behind the driver's side. Brooke leans in through the window and says, "But you can fix it, right?" Luke nods his head, and says, "Probably." She slides in beside him as he admires the "amazing" car. She calls him "amazing" as well. They make out. She grabs him by the necklace she gave him, which is right up there with Haley's hat in terms of the overbearing props-that- have-meaning part of this show: basketballs, necklaces, and hats. There are far too many accoutrements to keep track of. Anyway, blah smooching blah. Peyton comes out and sees Luke and Brooke making out; she's got a bit of a sour expression on her face. Luke quickly cuts off his kiss, jumps out of the car, and stutters, "I was, ah, just getting started." Under her breath, Brooke says, "Sadly, so was I." Brooke asks what's up, and Peyton shrugs her shoulders. Oh! Wait! Is this emotion? Should I be noticing this? Has Peyton reverted to the old standard maple tree-style response? Should I be shielding myself from the sawdust about to spring forth from my television set? She says, "There's a bad storm."

Back in Peyton's room, she explains that there's a Category 3 hurricane. Did she check the web cam? Yes, but it's down, too. Brooke says that maybe Larry's just turned it off. Peyton pouts: "Or maybe the storm did it for him." Luke says that storms must knock that kind of stuff out all the time. And that's supposed to make her feel better how? Luke says, "But aren't dredging boats huge?" Peyton: "He wouldn't on a dredging boat. Right now, if a storm's headed this way, he'd be on this little tiny transport boat headed back to shore." That's what she's worried about. Luke tells her not to get carried away; just because he hasn't checked in doesn't mean there's something wrong. Peyton's logic? Yeah, that doesn't mean it hasn't, either. And when people have been abandoning/leaving you your whole life -- that's what you'd think; so I don't blame her, but I do think she's about to run outside into the arms of the old oak for some comfort.

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