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On the other side of Scottville, Nathan and Haley are walking downtown, talking about the big "family" dinner tonight. Is it really going to be that bad? Yes, Nathan confirms, it'll be a "massacre." Nathan adds, "My grandma's okay; it's just my grandpa's pretty intense." Haley can only imagine; she's met Dan. Why doesn't Haley come tonight? To the dinner? She giggles. Nathan jokes, "Maybe it'll make everyone behave." Haley says she'll go if he's asking. He asks. So, it's settled; she'll go to the dinner. Oh boy, do you think Grandma Scott has invented some sort of magic recipe for averting disaster?

Royal barrels into Dan Scott Motors, yammering on about wanting to see the manager. Of course, Dan's with a customer; of course, Royal starts going on about how the guy needs to know whom he's doing business with. Blah, all star, blah basketball champion, blah ghosts of the past, blah old battles, blah. The customer, Mr. Miller, says, "No kidding!" Dan sheepishly introduces his father. For heaven's sake, all the guy wants to do is buy a car, not hear about Dan's former triumphs. Mr. Miller asks if Dan played college ball, too. Before Dan can answer, Royal butts in: "Would have, but he blew his knee out in his first year. He was robbed." Dan looks at his father. Royal's got one of those "what?" looks on his face. Blah Dan couldn't close the sale, blah without him, blah he's got a right to brag, blah. Then, Royal punches Dan in the stomach, and says, "Ah, still keeping in shape, good for you." This whole Scott basketball problem isn't an obsession any longer; after three generations; it becomes a legacy of dysfunction. No wonder Nathan's so messed up.

Later that night, Dan helps Deb to set up the table. He also gives her pointers about which subjects to avoid (Nathan's not going to practice/quitting the team). Oh, and Dan's already schooled Keith and Nathan in the same subjects. Deb quips, "Any other lies I should remember I have to tell?" Dan snits, "I'm trying to protect our son from my father, okay?" Grandma comes into the dining room, Dan compliments her, and then she calls him a liar. Heh. Now, it's Royal's turn, and he's all basketball, Charlotte, playoffs, and something about a hope in hell.

Luckily, the doorbell rings to save them from actually having to have a conversation. Keith arrives, and his mother gives him a huge hug. Royal says, "Ah, look what the cat dragged in." Keith takes the high road: "Good to see you too, Dad." They shake hands. Keith walks around the table and wishes his brother a half-hearted happy birthday. May encourages everyone to hurry up and sit down, because dinner's almost ready. She asks "Danny" to pour the wine. Keith says, "Amen to that." Pause. "Mom, you're going to need to set another place at the table. I invited a guest." May starts showing everyone where she wants them to sit. Haley and Nathan arrive. Royal introduces himself like they've never met before, and he approves when Haley plays the game the right way. So many secrets! So many lies! Blah, Nathan's looking more and more like his old man, blah gets his good looks from the Scotts, blah.

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