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The doorbell rings again, and it's Whitey this time! Gotta love that Woda; he's a thorn in Dan's side on a consistent basis. And you know, I'll bet he and Keith cooked this up just because it would be uncomfortable, and that makes me love both of them that much more. Woda hugs May, and raises the mood in the room. I guess they're all good friends from way back. Nathan turns to Haley, smiles crookedly, and says, "Glad you came?" She smiles back, nods her head, and says, "Yeah." There are so many skeletons at the dinner table that I'm afraid of what's going to happen when the bones start knocking and then topple right over.

Luke and Brooke are still trying to fix the car. It looks like the girls have cleaned it up nicely. Brooke turns the engine once, and nothing happens. Luke fiddles with something, and asks her to turn it again. Lo and behold, it works! Brooke calls, "Peyton, come check it out!" Peyton's face is ashen when she comes outside. Brooke sees that she's totally upset and asks, "What is it?" Peyton cries, "I just got a phone call. It's the storm. My father's transport is missing; there are three guys missing." Pause. "They recovered a body." Luke: "What'd they tell you?" Peyton answers, "I have to go see if it's him." Well, for the sake of my sanity, let's all hope that it's not him. I couldn't stand how morose Peyton would be if she actually ended up a bloody orphan.

Back inside the house, Luke says, "Are you sure you shouldn't call your grandmother?" Peyton's sure. She doesn't want to upset her; besides, she says firmly, "It's not going to be my dad." Brooke says, "Of course it's not." Rah! Rah! It's not Peyton's dad! Rah! Go-o-o-o Team! Yawn. Peyton wants them to get on the road; it's a four-hour drive. Brooke hesitates; she's a bit skittish about driving for four hours into a bad storm. Peyton says that by the time they get there, the storm should be gone. Luckily for Brooke, Luke says that it's probably good if someone stays by the phone. Brooke, the big baby, immediately offers to be the one to stay in the nice, warm, dry house and wait by the phone. Luke steps into his angel wings again and assumes his saint pose. Brooke insists that he go with her, considering that she sucks in a crisis, and he doesn't. Is she sure? Absolutely. Brooke hugs Peyton, tells her that she loves her, and then gives Luke a kiss. Blah, he's the best, blah. They're off.

The birthday dinner's in full swing. Of course, the conversation trails its way back to basketball, Royal asking Whitey how the team's doing this year. Dan masterfully steers him away from Tree Hill basketball and back on track with NBA basketball until May insists that they leave the sports talk until dessert. Whitey gives Dan a high-eyebrow look when Dan doesn't reveal what's really going on with the team, but he rolls with it. Royal ignores his wife's suggestion, and starts asking Nathan what he's averaging these days, wondering if he's beaten Dan's score yet. May says, "What did I just say?" Royal bites off her tongue by bitching, "I'm just asking the boy a question, May." Good thing the women at this table know their place. Yawn. No one's saying anything except Royal. Nathan masterfully answers, "Why don't you ask my dad?" Whitey has an incredibly cute, amused look on his face. God bless Woda. He's actually enjoying this, I think. Dan quietly says, "Twenty-four points a game, wasn't it?" Royal starts drifting back down memory lane, blah, Dan's star, blah rising, blah Carolina, blah knee, blah. Royal asks, "How are your knees?" Nathan answers, "No worries." Haley jokes, mid-bite: "He's got great knees." Everyone chuckles. Then, Royal says, "'Course now Danny takes after his old man; never let adversity stop him. Too bad Keith takes after his mother's side of the family." May smiles and says, "Good for him." Keith jokes, "I'd drink to that, but I need a refill." He also needs to return his paisley shirt to the early '90s. I mean really, why do they always make Keith look like such a redneck. It's an awful thing to put a handsome man inside such an ugly shirt. Thankfully, May stops all this nonsense by saying she'll need to see to the cake. Whew! They made it through dinner. Haley says, "I'll go do that, Mrs. Scott." She stands up and asks Nathan if he wants to help. He does -- anything to get out of that room, I'm sure. Dan polishes off his glass of wine, and Deb looks like she's about to implode.

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