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One Squall Equals A Fatal Flaw

As the two if them arrive in the kitchen, Nathan reminds Haley, "I warned you it was going to be intense." Haley groans, "Oh! 'Insane' is more like it." Haley picks up a flat spatula and starts fiddling with the icing on the cake. There's irony in that. Nathan says, "You know, there's a door right there. We could sneak out and no one would even notice." Now that's tempting. Haley asks, "How often do your grandparents come to town?" Nathan says, "A couple times a year -- why?" At first, Haley doesn't say anything, but Nathan insists, "She's got that look." Meaning what? The look that says Haley wants to tell him something, but doesn't know if she should tell him or not. Haley waves the spatula around in front of him, and says, "No, I don't! And you shouldn't know that look yet." What is it? And that's all it takes for Haley to spill the beans? One look from her boyfriend? So, she tells Nathan how Royal dropped by the café, and how she thinks he and Karen have been keeping in touch. Nathan says, "Does Lucas know him?" Haley answers, "No, they've never even met, but your grandfather asked about him." Nathan says, "That doesn't make any sense? My grandpa acts like my dad's the second coming; why would he visit Karen?" Haley shrugs, she doesn't know, and that she doesn't want to start anything. Nathan says, "You know what? My family's so screwed up, nothing new would make a difference right now. Don't worry about it."

Melancholy music plays in Peyton's melancholy car as she and Lucas make their melancholy way to Hilton Head. Luke's driving, because he's the man, and the saint, and Peyton shouldn't be trusted to control a motor vehicle in her grief. Yawn. He asks if she's warm enough. She's okay, but she does think she should probably get the heater fixed in her car. Luke laughs nervously, and then offers up Keith's services. For free. At the garage where Luke's supposed to work part-time, but he's been spending too much time with Brooke. Peyton nods her head. More free body work on her car is just what she needs right now. Does she want to stop for coffee? No, she's fine on that front too. Could Luke coddle her any more? Peyton turns and looks longingly at him. Blah, thanks for doing this with me, blah google-eyes, blah staring at each other blah. Luke says, "That's what friends are for, right?" The road leads them to a bridge that's being worked on by a rather large crew of men. Luke stops the car, and they both get out. Blue lights are flashing, and it looks like the bridge is standing straight up -- apparently, it's out because of the storm. One of the workers tells Peyton that it'll be up in the morning. She freaks out a bit, and tells him that they have to get across the bridge. St. Luke calmly asks if there's another way around. Worker Bee tells them that they could take a ferry, but that the channel's too rough, and the ferries aren't working, either. What should they do? Well, the bridge may be open in the morning at 6 AM; they can stay in a local motel until then. The Worker Bee walks away. Peyton and Luke get back in the car -- and isn't it the worst not to be able to get to the place you want to go? Oh. The. Tragedy. Yawn. Could there be any more stumbling blocks until we get to the scene where the two of them make out? Hell, even I could cut the sexual tension with a chainsaw.

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