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Well, this just puts Royal over the edge. He barks, "What do you mean, he quit?" Dan snaps, "It's not like that, Dad." May snits, "Stop it, Dan! It's time the truth came out." Royal waves his hands around and yells, "Will somebody tell me what in the hell is going on here?" May says, "You were on the road when Danny hurt his knee. We lied!" Royal turns to his son: "You told me it was a degenerative knee condition --" Dan says, "It was Dad, it was --" Royal continues, "You looked me in the eye and you told me that." Keith just smiles and shakes his head as he watches his family fall apart before his eyes. May says, "He was never going to be the star that you wanted him to be; you just couldn't see that. The boy had two choices: fail in front of you, or quit. Either way, he lost." Nathan rubs his forehead. Royal bitches, "So you just quit without even being man enough to own up to it." Dan attempts to defend himself: "There's more to the story, Dad --" Royal doesn't give him the chance, though; he just gets up and leaves the table. Nathan takes this as his cue to get out while he can: "Come on, Haley, I'll take you home." Deb looks devastated; well, actually she looks pissed -- really, really pissed. Whitey gets up and says, "I can show myself out. Thank you May, thank you Deb." He puts a hand on Dan's shoulder and says, "Happy birthday, Danny." Now that's also ironic. May tries to talk to him, but Dan also leaves the table. In quintessential "mom" fashion, May gets up and says, "Well, I guess I'll do the dishes."

Peyton and Luke arrive in a dank motel room to wait out the storm. Peyton takes off her coat slowly and says, "Okay, let's just try and get some sleep. I want to be at the bridge right when it opens up, at 6 AM." Luke says, "We'll be there at 5 AM." Aw, he's so supportive. Yawn. It's raining heavily outside. Peyton starts giggling. She says, "We're in a hurry to find out if my dad's dead." Pause. "It's kind of surreal." Luke sits down in a chair and admits that it's pretty messed up. Peyton gets all sad and philosophical: "You know in dreams, when you keep trying to get some place, but you never get there?" Luke knows. She continues, "I wish I could wake up." Me too! Me too! Me too! Oh, and shut up, Peyton. Stick to drawing. Speaking really isn't your shtick. Luke says he thinks they should try to get some sleep. Can she? Peyton nods, and then lies down on the bedspread of the dirty motel bed. Ew. I mean, really, ew. When my best friend and I drove across Canada, we stayed in all kinds of motels like this -- one of them was so gross that it had stains all over the carpet and walls, and there was dried blood on the pillows. I would so not be lying down on the bedspread. At least you know the sheets might have been washed a couple of times. I mean really. Luke offers to sleep on the floor. Peyton tells him not to be stupid. He turns off the light and lies down beside her on the bed. The pillow talk goes something like this: Peyton, I just wish there was something I could do or say to help you through this. You already have, thanks Lucas. Ah, goodnight. Ick.

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